Wednesday, December 04, 2013

food music love

food music love - great fun until some corporate lawyer comes along to spoil it.

Someone posted a clip out on youtube
I don’t think I can play it
‘Cause it took so long to fake it
And those lawyers are just rude
Oh no!

Confused? Of course you are.  After all you are reading Lisleman’s blog. Stick around I’ll try my best to explain.

On the bathroom scale of problems this is really nothing but a small annoyance. However, as a honorable blogger I like to keep my links linking and my embedded clips playing.

I’ve enjoyed youtube even before I started blogging. The ability to easily share a digital clip by embedding the code into your blog was the icing on the cake. I’ve shared many a clip (mostly from youtube) on my blog. The irritating part (like a mosquito in your tent) is the copyright legal action. Often I’ve gone back to my older (only months old at times) posts and found the video clip I found as a perfect fit for my post, forced off youtube and therefore my blog too.

Here is a recent example:

Last May I wrote this soul searching revealing post about the reason why I don't bake. You may have enjoyed reading it.  My reason has to do with MacArthur Park (also being lazy is a factor but that's a well known fact that doesn't need to be posted). A clip of MacArthur Park was of course included because hey this is the 21st century internet and you need video.

Just yesterday I'm browsing my memorable posts (what you don't? ) and notice the clip has been removed because apparently a lawyer somewhere decided this person's account violated them or I guess their client.  (if you happen to click over to my post you'll see I replaced the violating clip with another one)

Here's is another attempt at offering this song to refresh your memory or irritate your ears:

There will be another song for me
For I will sing it
There will be another dream for me
Someone will bring it
I will drink the wine while it is warm
And never let you catch me looking at the sun
And after all the loves of my life
After all the loves of my life
You'll still be the one.

(BTW - there are many covers of this “classic”. Sammy Davis Jr. sang an interesting one)



Veg said...

I've noticed this exact thing myself on my older entries. And it's irritating. I debate what possible harm most of these clips incur. If anything they're publicity for most things. FREE publicity. But there's always something popping up to put a dampner on our good times, Lisle. No one thinks of US. Oh no... How the devil are you?

Joanne said...

Party like it's 1968!

lisleman said...

I'm doing fine. Is this Veg as in Vegetable Assassin? Are you blogging and killing vegetables again?
I agree the copyright owners get free publicity for their stuff. It's not like I'm taking the songs and selling concert seats for it.

lisleman said...

There were a few good parties back in 1968, I recall. thanks

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

Interesting. I don't use YouTube that much. Is there any copywrite language on YouTube? Or is it just a free for all?

lisleman said...

(hopefully you won't be sorry you asked) I don't know if you know that youtube was acquired by Google some years ago. So there is big money behind it and I'm sure their legal department is well staffed. The system there usually works in a reasonable way. Most of my youtube clips have background music added. (you can find mine under the "Playing Around" tab in my header) What typically happens to me is a notice shortly after I've unloaded a clip stating that they have detected "matched third party content". Most of the time they allow the video to remain but prevent me from any ad revenue from them. Also the matched content owner is identified on the page with the clip. This seems reasonable. Also when you upload a video you can disable the embed function. There is a fair use law/ruling but I'm not a lawyer so I'm not sure how it applies to this. It would be nice if the content owner could get their share and let others reuse their content. I just don't enjoy using a clip only to find out later that there was a problem with the clip.
Well this was one of my longer replies - hope you didn't mind.

longhollow said...

It's happened to me, too. I don't post as many videos as you do, and hesitate doing so now because I hate that they might be removed later!

lisleman said...

If you don't use copyrighted music you'll be fine. Of course, the background music does enhance the video. thanks

Scarlet Blue said...

Even some of the old adverts I've used have been deleted from Youtube... but how can showing an advert be breaching copyright, when advertisers shove the things in our face all the time? It beggars belief.

lisleman said...

Good question - I think you need to be a copyright lawyer to know the answer. Just guessing, it could be the ad agency that created the ad who are wearing their knickers too tight. thanks

Cheryl P. said...

I,too have had that happen. I don't tend to post as many You Tube videos on my blog as I used to but still there is always a chance that video clips are removed for copyright infringement.

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