Monday, November 25, 2013

do you have something to say

I often do. It could be an opinion, a complaint, or a question. On special occasions it can even be a feeling.

I’m not planning to change the world. I’d love to change the world.

No my sharing of little random ideas, thoughts and memories are more of an interesting hobby for me.

I certainly don’t want to start recursive complaining. Complain and then complain about the feeling of complaining. Your own feedback sucking you into a downward spiral.

Other times it can just be a relief to rant some issue out of your mind. You might find a kindred spirit telling you know they agree with your rant. A digital high-five.

Feelings - oh those can be the toughest to describe.

Nothing more than feelings
Trying to forget my 
Feelings of love

After watching the following youtube clip, I’ll never forget the stupid looking shirt in which, Morris Albert performed his one-hit wonder.  (God I hope he lost that shirt even if he didn't lose his feelings)

You might want to jump in, read and comment or you might not. It's your call, your time.


Secret Agent Woman said...

Oh, that was one painfully sappy song!

Cheryl P. said...

OMG...I remember when I would of thought that was fashionable. My oldest child was born in 1975 and there is a page in her baby book where I put pictures of the current fashion trends of that year. That was a very bad year for trendy clothing...UGH.

Scarlet Blue said...

I don't have my speakers plugged in, but I can see the shirt - rayon, with a hint of polyester.

lisleman said...

Yes you don't need speakers on to witness odd fashion.

lisleman said...

Strange looking fashion for today - isn't it? I think the hair is fine but you need to consider the source. thanks

lisleman said...

Ugh - hmm, I see your point. I consider it a level above "ugh" (I did wear some weird clothes back in the 70's). Very odd and strange looking today. thanks

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