Saturday, November 16, 2013

blog party for a few thousand please

Today at Lisleman Research and Salty Chip Tasting Labs we present the following topic for analysis and discussion:
Blogs vs. Parties

Now just to clarify, I’m referring to the parties where people come together and have fun. Not those political parties that seem to stir up issues and make big city Mayors have crack cocaine at the other type of parties. (Toronto CA will never be view the same again)

Parties and blogs both take some amount of pre-planning. I don’t think the amount pre-planning is completely proportional to the level of fun at a party or blog (I told you this was a research lab so I hope you have your calculator handy). Many factors need to be considered in estimating the final fun level. One or two guests have the ability to raise or lower the fun level no matter how much pre-planning is performed.

Parties and blogs both can have themes. Neither requires a theme.

Parties and blogs both require three or more people. A one person party probably is something you need to discuss with a therapist. Two person party is just a date or something.

Good fun parties and blogs both need good interaction. The comments tossed out at both events can make a big difference.

Research is still needed to determine if there is a correlation between word and picture counts of a post and the fun comment interaction. Here at Lisleman Research and Salty Chip Tasting Labs we found the ratio of snacks and drinks to party attendance must be supplied at a level to allow all party-goers to hold a drink in hand and have a snack in reach without knocking another party-goer out of the way (fights don't go well at either parties or blogs). This supply situation should be maintained for at least 2 hours. One great solution to solve the  supply/person ratio issue is asking each guest to bring something to share. On a blog, the reader only needs to bring some time to read and think of a comment.

Most all parties are private affairs. However, typically you can be easily invited if you know one of the party-goers. Wedding crashing of course is different. Unless you are a spam comment generator most all blogs welcome uninvited guests. I’ve never heard of blog crashing but maybe you have.

Parties are constrained by physical space and your neighbor's use of 911. Blogs audiences of 100’s of thousands are feasible but very rare. (wouldn’t it be cool if your blog brought down the blog server because of traffic?)

Blogs can last much much longer than a party. However the level of fun interaction, the exciting part of either event is not that long. Don’t you hate showing up late to party and the good appetizers are gone along with some of the fun people. An old post on a blog also doesn’t get commented on much either.

You can recycle an old post. A recycled party is just another new party perhaps with the same decorations both hopefully with fresh food and drinks.

Other than a spam comments, blog require no clean up afterwards. I never heard of anyone suffering a hangover from blog reading. (please report any cases of this you know of)

Please pass those chips comments and research results.



Joanne said...

Looks like a decent party. Got your tie loose; some drinks, some salsa and maybe even desert.

lisleman said...

drinks and desert are right up there with good people for importance of a fun time. thanks

unknownmami said...

These days I only have time for blogs or parties related to blogs. Ha!

Cheryl P. said...

Interesting comparison. I think in the beginning of my blog, there was often a party of one or two. AND I would be thrilled if a server ever crashed because of the traffic trying to read my blog. Dang, I would be thrilled it a server hiccuped or sneezed because of blog traffic coming from me.

lisleman said...

party at my blog anytime. thanks

lisleman said...

The very beginning of mine had some visitors because the blog was start for a group us (more in the short background) but then I would do many posts without any visitors at all. I joined a blog community group and that helped but it wasn't until I did a few memes/games that I got a little traction. Seems we had an exchange of comments about our traffic/readers before and I still think based on comments you have more regular readers. I'm fine with the traffic but a little more would be better.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Blogs have the advantage of allowing guests from all over.

But I tell you, THIS therapist doesn't want to hear about anyone's parties for one!

lisleman said...

Yeah I don't think I would to hear about those problem either. You must hear some strange stuff though. thanks

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