Monday, October 14, 2013

remember my actor nephew

He is still at it.  His pursuit has to be harder than blogging.  Of course the reward potential is better in the entertainment industry.  Someone please tell me when blogging is added to the entertainment industry.  I like to think there is potential other than a free hat that I got for my blogging effort.

don't know if Justin got a free hat for starring in Petey

I first wrote about Justin back in May.  At the time he was in the final shooting of the movie Petey.  Petey was shown at a Charlotte NC film festival.  If you go to the web site for it you can buy the DVD (also watch the preview).  However, I have not heard (I'm sure I would have) if the movie had been picked-up by a distributor.

Well that Petey movie is old news now (to be young again and have things happening so quickly). Now Justin has moved on to another video/TV project. It's on kickstarter and if you never heard of that, don't think of the bar used on motorcycles before they had electric starters. No, it's a site that raises money for projects.

Door to Door the series has a FB page of course.  Justin actually did a summer of door-to-door sales once.  I thought he was nuts.  Good to see he is working on getting the most from that experience.

Blogging also allows one to make more from their experiences.  But, that idea is good for another post.

Justin's pursuits has me thinking of the movie the "Graduate".  Remember when some older guy (uncle maybe?) tells the graduate one word - plastics.  My one word today would be - nanotechnology.  However, the actor Dustin (rhymes with Justin) Hoffman did much better with acting than going into the plastics industry.

(full disclosure -  Justin's old uncle Lisleman only got post ideas from his nephew's acting work.  However if there are any Petey hats left - Christmas is coming up you know.)


g said...

Great job with the article! Thanks for helping!

lisleman said...

No problem. It's good to have stuff like this to write about. thanks

Joanne said...

There are electric starters on motorcycles! Since when?

Bearman Cartoons said...

At least you got a free hat...I haven't got squat from blogging

lisleman said...

You have gotten advertising for you cartoon creations. Don't you sell those designs on t-shirts and stuff?

Cheryl P. said...

There are over the halfway mark with 16 days to go. I will be sure to check out the pilot as soon as I finish some comments. I hope their campaign is successful.

As far as any rewards for blogging...You at least have a hat.

lisleman said...

Oh I love hats. I wear many hats. But I only have that one from blogging and I think Google made a mistake thinking I was a company or something. Does your company offer hats? If you are anyone you know offers free marketing swag hats please send me one. The sender will get a picture of Lisleman wearing the hat and I'll post it. Please hats only - no underwear accepted.

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