Sunday, September 29, 2013

I was feeling alright

Saturday evening our small village held it’s first Ale Fest. The $40 entrance fee seemed a bit high. They were cautious in operating the festival. You couldn’t wander around the streets but needed to stay in the designated area. They also put a limit on the attendees. I was surprised that it sold out just a couple dozen of people after me at the ticket booth.

Your ticket included a souvenir pint glass that had the sample size marked on it and card worth 18 samples (works out to be about 3 pints). If you enjoy craft beer then these events are the best. 40 different breweries had their brew there for sampling. Most of the breweries were offering two or three types. A few types ran out.

I thought the best named beer was one from Urban Legend called “I’m Coming to Join You Elizabeth”. By the time I went over there to try it, it was gone but I found another good one called “God’s Country”. The strangest sounding creation for me was a coconut curry hefewiezen. I often buy hefewiezen but I passed on this one even though one sampling fellow I met suggested twice that I try it. I probably would not buy a pumpkin ale either, but he did convince me to try one which was ok.

The weather was great and they had a decent blues band.

Old man walking

At the end which was not that late, I strolled over to our train station and called home for someone to pick me up. While I waited on the bench at the train station I struck-up a conversation with a young man that was sitting there (I probably talk more when I'm feeling a little buzz). I thought he might have been at the Ale Fest too but he was not. He was here on business from Sweden. I find talking with people outside of US often provides insights and knowledge that you just won’t find otherwise.

daytime shot of a train at our station

By the time it was over, I was feeling alright.


Joanne said...

Three pints would put me under the station bench. I'm a big fan of the micro breweries and love to try new brews. Just a half pint at a time.

lisleman said...

the sample size was 3 oz. but none of the servers took the time measure it closely. I suspect a few had higher alcohol content than typical. I definitely had a slight buzz at the end. thanks

lisleman said...

Rum is good. Those mojitos are great. thanks

tracismixedbag said...

Yum love me some beer, especially flavored beer. I used to work for Anheuser Busch and they would give us beer every month. Once they gave us a Christmas beer with hints of Vanilla. I LOVED it. Needless to say it became a gag gift within our department.

lisleman said...

I would probably pass on a Vanilla beer. Interesting company benefit. thanks

Secret Agent Woman said...

We have the same sort of beer festival every year, same price as yours. But with the glass you can sample as many as you like. I noticed on their website they have 58 microbreweries this year and four bands.

lisleman said...

A little more selection, more samples and more music choice. Maybe ours will grow into this in the future. I was our first year. thanks - oh and good beer.

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