Sunday, June 16, 2013

how do you get this type of work

I wish I could get a gig like this! play with lego figures, write a bit of report, take pics of lego figures, write a bit of report, ask co-workers about lego figures - Oh wait wait - that's how I lost my job. Never mind.

Once again my thought of studying the reason for stupid studies has surfaced. I’m sure you have heard of them. Study shows, researchers find, scientists say, blah blah. The blah is often ridiculous and common knowledge. Study shows men forget to put the toilet lid down. Really, who knew?

Lego toys were not included in my childhood. They didn’t become a big hit until the 1970’s. My kids played with them and I loved to join in.

How cool and fun would it be to be paid to research the faces on Lego minifigures.

Dr. Christoph Bartneck of the University of Canterbury in New Zealand created a fun study. He and two others studied the changes of the Lego faces since 1975. I was able to download a copy of their report here.

After looking over the report, my opinion (really who relies on my opinion) is that this study might be of use to someone. I’m posting about it because (many media outlets picked up on it too) it’s odd and would be a hell of fun job to do.

As discussed in this study, Lego has been busy introducing themed play sets often based on movies and action heroes. This reflection of popular movie characters is bound to include a few villains.

Anyone want to fund Lisleman Labs research?

Current Lisleman proposals:

  • Social impact of the new Superman not wearing his underpants on the outside.
  • Survey of people knowing the color of Superman’s cape.
  • Survey of people who have spit into the wind. 

(one last thought, Dr. Bartneck? Did anyone else have the image of Bart Simpson pop up when you read his name?)


Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

Superman wouldn't look as hot as I've heard he does in this version if he wore his underpants on the outside of his clothes. Wonder why they started that in the first place?

lisleman said...

I had thought of doing a post on this topic but I will probably wait until I see the movie. One article I read about it said that "strong men" of yesterday wore brief like pants on the outside. Since Superman was the strongest of the strong the character was drawn like a strong man with a cape.

Pearl said...

I grew up with Lincoln Logs. :-( Probably explains a few things.


lisleman said...

My brother and I had those. It sounds sorta weird now but I can remember enjoying the smell of the wooded logs in that long tubular box. Thanks for your nostalgic comment.

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

My younger son loved Legos more than any other toy. He just had to have certain sets. We were living in San Diego at the time he was obsessed. LegoLand had not yet been built but was coming to Carlsbad. Luckily, we moved before it was finished.

When Fletcher turned 10 and we were moved to NH, he wanted a Lego kit, $89.99 mind you, for his birthday. My husband and I tried to talk him out of it saying for that money he could have other things. We tried to reason with him, that he was outgrowing the Legos. He was having none of it. He wanted the damn Lego kit and we succumbed.

Not long after, he lost interest in Legos. Eventually, we donated the many pieces and kits to Good Will. We thought we cleared them out of our lives but, fifteen years and two moves later, we still find pieces in the furniture and other odd places. Three little figures sit on my dressing table. I smile every time I see them.

lisleman said...

" Luckily, we moved before it was finished." - funny

I'm sure too many have tossed old toys long ago only to find that the toys would be e-bay winners today. I still enjoy Legos but don't collect or anything like that. I have some grandsons to satisfy my Lego craving.
Recently I was at a stock investment conference and this stranger at my lunch table mentions he invests in trains. I'm curious and figure he talking about railroad stocks. I was surprised to discover he trades toy trains. After talking with him I had many doubts about his abilities. People can really go overboard on collecting.
thanks for sharing the story.

Bijoux said...

I actually came upon an article about this. It was interesting to see the changes over time. I think I enjoyed the Legos more than my kids did, probably because I felt like I was actually accomplishing something while playing!

lisleman said...

After taking time to build something you don't want to take it apart. There's a big Lego store in the area that recently hired a master builder. Tough competition. thanks for stopping by.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Legos are one toy that have improved dramatically over the years. So many cool pieces now.

lisleman said...

so the meaner faces don't bother you? I think anyone bothered by them must also be bothered by the related movie or cartoons so they should know to not buy that particular set. thanks

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