Monday, April 29, 2013

save a blog - read this

Thanks for being here.

We gather here today to pay homage to an often read and beloved blog.

Wait wait don’t bury me!
I’m breathing. I’m writing. I’m posting. Lisleman is still here. Don’t click away. Stop the sad music, put on some funky music, open the bar, let’s party. Alright you’ll need to play your own background music because I dislike those autoplay gadgets and you’ll stay a constant sober at the virtual bar, but exercise your imagination. Imagination and blogging are wondrous things.

When I get mentioned on another blog then I take that as a recommendation. Social media is all about sharing recommendations right? Actually I guess it’s not. Although, I know FB would love you to “like” you way through their shopping ads.  Don't you think offering your readers a link means so much more than a "like"?

Remember save the whales? I do but I never did save one.

Raise your hand if you remember what Steve Case did for the internet?

Oh never mind I can’t see your hands anyway and you’ll need them to write a comment later. Steve has been forgotten. Internet time seems to break the speed limit for time. I guess Steve just had his internet time and now it’s over.

(If you seriously don’t remember or know Steve Case was the CEO of AOL. If you don’t remember AOL then you might be too young to read my blog.)

Will our blogs meet the same fate as AOL? Are we doomed to be push aside by social juggernauts FB and twitter? Will a blog become the dialtone of yesterday? (BTW what exactly does a juggernaut jugger?)

We must post our way back to social influence. Read a post, comment an opinion, express yourself. Recommend this post to all your virtual and real friends. I just ask for a bit of your time and a link.

Here's example of the linky feeling.  I really enjoyed this recent post by Mrs. 4444.

(Just a short tangent on Steve Case - Steve attended the same high school as President Obama. Steve was a few years ahead of Barack.)

Depending on the response, next up might be “I fought the spam and the WTF, I’m not sure who won”. Because not only to bloggers face extinction by FB and twitter consuming time, we must overcome slimy comment spam. Here’s another post about losing that linky feeling.

Remember bloggers, stay strong, post-up, comment and be forever linky.

Update. Thanks to a suggestion left in the comments by Scarlet Blue please enjoy the following inspirational song:



(proofreading provided by C. F. Eyecare)


lisleman said...

Oh good, put some good rock on too. thanks

Scarlet Blue said...

Crikey, I found myself singing I Will Survive by the time I got to the end of this post :-)

lisleman said...

You know what, that is a great song suggestion. By crikey (the word has me thinking of Pinocchio) I'm going to add a youtube clip of that song. I was a bit rushed when I published the post and wanted to add a song but didn't have one in mind yet. Thanks

tettelestai said...

I have been out of blogland too long, are you saying that the social media junk is taking over? Should we really interact with our fellow humans with one line ditties? I'm not even on FB :-(

Secret Agent Woman said...

I don't worry about FB/Twitter - they serve a very different purpose. Blogs are a little more in depth, and I like the format. We're not going anywhere.

lisleman said...

I hope you are right. I've noticed some blogs not posting as much and others have also noticed a drop off in visits. Then Google announces they are dropping their blog reader. I just have to wonder if Google will drop blogger in the future. Yes there are other platforms I would not want to move.
You are so right about the format and depth. Even the comments are typically better than a FB post. thanks

lisleman said...

Yes I think FB, Twitter are using up people's time which may have been spent reading and interacting on blogs. The format and time taken to create better postings puts blogs a level above FB and Twitter in my opinion. But my opinion doesn't matter much in the big picture of smartphones and apps. I hope I'm wrong about this.

Lisa said...

Blog is my world.

Lisa said...

please lead me to your blog, Lisa aka ocean girl.

Lisa said...

google reader reduces interaction, therefore it is better without it, I feel.

lisleman said...

I see your point. I guess people use the readers differently. I don't use a reader much. I use a blogroll/list the most. The reader is nice to quickly check for posting that might be interesting. I don't read the whole post on the reader but maybe some people do. thanks

longhollow said...

I hope FB and Twitter don't shove us into a closet! My favorite part of blogging is connecting with others, but I admit at times I'm doing good just to get the words out of my head and onto a post. I did it before I had readers and I'll probably keep doing it even if they drift away. (Oh, that makes me sad!)

lisleman said...

Yes I agree and the blogging connections are different than FB. I'm not on twitter so I'm not sure about those types. Overall I think the posting done on these social sites are very short. I sure hope people don't stop taking time to read longer items than FB and twitter posts.

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