Monday, March 04, 2013

didn’t make the list

As I was checking the market and my struggling investments (small but still alive) today, I noticed Forbes released their updated list of billionaires. Being that I’m a no-aire (I am a thousandaire but who counts those) I wasted time looking at the billionaire list. I didn’t expect any useful information in this list. Now a billionaire list including email addresses might benefit all those people who email me with their difficult foreign payment situations.

easy to forget the simple math
1 billion = 1000 million

While there are billionaires whose wealth comes from social media networks (Facebook) you will not find blogger listed as the source of wealth on this list. Slightly surprising is not finding acting, or movie star listed. Movies and other media are listed but it's the running/owning of studios or entertainment networks, not acting. The celebrities out front who battle paparazzi, long hours in makeup, stalker fans and mean critics are not billionaires.  


I found a few cool sounding names in the list. This is a worldwide list and therefore contains many ethnic names. At the top of the money pile is Carlos Slim. Don’t you think that’s a cool sounding name?

Number 8 according to Forbes is Li Ka-shing from Hong Kong. I don’t speak Chinese but I want to think his name sounds like cha-ching. Hong Kong's richest woman, (best gambling tip - run the casino) is Pansy Ho. Maybe Pansy is common there but it sounds strange to me.

Another cool named billionaire is T. Boone Pickens. I picture T. Boone being a friendly neighbor of Jed and Elly May Clampett.

Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter, can thank superheros for his money. Ike is CEO of Marvel Entertainment. His rags to superhero story started with offering his Hebrew skills at funerals for tips. He claims to have never granted an interview during his career.

I’m sure she can "Shake It Like A White Girl" if her husband (stage name Jesse Jaymes) starts rapping his old hit song. I am referring to Sara Blakely whose billions came in the shape of Spanx. It is a necessity-is-the-mother-of-invention story. (remember my mothers of invention post? - totally not related)

another circus 


Rebecca said...

If only we were hundred-aires.

jnoragon said...

Only one thousand suitcases, eh? Might as well wish for a thousand as only one.

Bee said...

If there was a correlation between having a cool-sounding name and being a billionaire, I would totally change my name.

lisleman said...

The GPS doesn't give out directions to easy-street. It takes time and bit of luck to get your savings going.

lisleman said...

Yeah forget your first million just concentrate on the second one. thanks

lisleman said...

Bee is different and you could always add Sting for a middle name. I doubt it's as simple as a name to become a billionaire. thanks

Secret Agent Woman said...

So far out of my range of experience that I can't waste any of my brain cells on it.

lisleman said...

Yes the billion range is beyond even the "what would you do if you won the lottery" question. I rarely play the lottery but I have thought of what I would do if I won. Thanks for browsing over and hopefully you didn't drop any brain cells.

Cheryl P. said...

I totally agree with you about how fun some of those names are. You have to love that some people take an idea like spanx and turn it into a money machine. I love those rags to riches stories.

lisleman said...

There are a few articles about the Spanx lady on the internet. She had a big boost from Oprah. I believe there is a bit of being at the right place at the right time going on. You need to be recognize the opportunity and have the motivation to act on it too. thanks

longhollow said...

That is very interesting! I agree with you on T. Boone. I used to collect cool names and these would have made my list, too!

lisleman said...

Do you know where in Texas T. Boone lives? The little I know of him gives me the idea that he is a sensible person.

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