Sunday, March 10, 2013

and it’s no nay never

no nay never no more 

I’m no wild rover but I have enjoyed good pub music.

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching. As in previous years, I spend a bit time reflecting on the great St. Paddy Day I had in 1989. It fell on a Friday that year and by a strange coincidence I had finalized a deal with my employer to join a new group they acquired in Shannon Ireland. I was involved in taking engineering projects over to the Irish development group. The whole family (5 kids) got to join me for the whole summer. We had fun.

We lived just outside of Limerick that summer. Typically did a B&B in other towns on the weekends. We walked through many castle ruins. We met cows and sheep on the roads.

Everything changes so I suspect the pub scene might have changed too since 1989. I noticed on my various local pub visits that they were the community gathering place and very family oriented. Nothing like the taverns/bars I had experienced growing up here. There was an abundance of musical talent to be found in the pubs too.

Here’s an earlier post reminiscing on that trip. (more can be found by clicking the Ireland tag/label)

A stop to enjoy the Gap of Dunloe in 1989.

proof the sun does shine in Ireland

off the top of my head and from the bottom of my heart
I wish you a Happy St. Paddy’s Day 


longhollow said...

Still one of my dreams to visit Ireland. How cool to be there on St. Patrick's Day!!

Cheryl P. said...

Chicago does celebrate St. Patrick's Day far better than Kansas City does. I am Irish and try to make my way to the Irish Fest at Crown Center here each year. The music is worth the trip down to Crown Center.

I am envious of the time you spent in Ireland. I have gone to Europe a couple of times but never to the UK. Seems like we just never work it into the schedule.

lisleman said...

I suspect Chicago, Boston and New York have more Irish decedents per capita. The music is great especially when it's a sing along. thanks

lisleman said...

I hope you make it there. There are so many wonderful places around the world and Ireland is high on my list. Oh, I was not clear in how I wrote this. The negotiations on this assignment concluded on St. Patrick's Day but I didn't leave until weeks later. I went back and forth. The family joined me for the summer and I stay another month.

Jene said...

What a neat experience for your family! Ireland has always been on my list of places to visit, especially as a former Mulligan.

lisleman said...

Great place and they offer services to help tourist find ancestors. Today you probably can do most of the ancestor work before you actually go there. There is something special about walking around where ancestors did once. That experience happened for my wife while we were there.

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