Tuesday, January 15, 2013

celebrity dominated media

I am Kardashian challenged. I know one name, Kim, but don’t even know the number of others in her clan. However, only a few searches would reveal more trivia trash about them than is needed to fill all the trivial pursuit cards in the world. (great board game - anyone play it these days?)

I don’t want to know anything more about them. Could the world just collectively ignore them? Ban them from cable channels and grocery aisle tabloids.

My limited Kardashian knowledge consists of knowing they have enough money to wear the best push-up bras money can buy and enough time to keep their tan.

from Shpe magazine?

Breaking news from O’Hare airport
18 Human Heads Found At O'Hare Airport

My first thought was, probably enough heads to cover the whole Kardashian clan along with a lawyer or two. After reading the news report, I found no mention of the Kardashians. Imagine a news report withOUT Kardashian in it. There still is hope.

my eyes have seen Kardashians 
And the slow parade of drivel 
without crying 
Now I want to understand

I have done all that I could 

To see the evil and the good 
without hiding 
You must help me if you can

Doctor, my eyes 

Tell me what is wrong 
Was I unwise
to buy cable for so long

Really, there is a abundant source of interesting fun stories in our world. We don’t need stories of “famous because they are famous” people. Media start covering good stories like Charlie the Monarch who resembles a baby lion.

(oh still here?  -  good the Believe Or Not I Posted This  linky game is still open for 3 days)


Cheryl said...

The less one knows about the Kardashians the better. I know way more than I care to.

The heads found at O'Hare is just too weird.

I will look around at some of my older stuff and see if any of it is worth resurrecting.

Bearman Cartoons said...

Didn't know you subscribed to shape magazine.

jnoragon said...

Doctor to lisleman--turn off the tube. Can't help you if you stream the stuff on your pc.

lisleman said...

You are telling me there is a letter 'A' behind her head? No I don't. I just "borrowed" the cover picture.

lisleman said...

Yes TV's off position gives me a good blank picture. However as you can see, she shows up on magazine racks too and even in the newspaper at times. thanks

Bee said...

Shpe magazine -- ha!

lisleman said...

How do they expect you to read the name when they have her plastered over the letter? I guess SHPE is enough for customers to know what it is. I don't recall if PLAOY ever did that or not.

Tami said...

My teenagers watch the Kardashian TV show. I think they are ridiculous!

lisleman said...

confused - your teenagers or Kardashians are ridiculous? Of maybe both?

longhollow said...

Oh, Charlie is adorable! The Kardashians...not so much. I really don't get it, either, and know nothing about them.

lisleman said...

I (like you I think) would rather learn more about Charlie.

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