Wednesday, December 05, 2012

In a world where

In a world where a typo becomes a new word - ZOMG. 

In a world where “polysyllabic” is an example of itself. 

In a world where Relativity means nothing to my relatives. 

In a world where you can go to wikipedia to learn about hypnopedia. 

In a world where the Pope's messages can be read on twitter. 

In a world where a congressman is forced to resign because of his twitter posts. 

In a world where cameras are cheap but good photos are still rare. 

In a world where a man becomes famous for saying “in a world”. 

In a world where I can write “in a world” and another person will read and provide comment.


Agnes Pages said...

The Pope is on twitter?? Holy... something!!!

Rebecca said...

Isn't this world amazing? In a world where we can all be connected but not have any connections at all.

Tami said...

Well said!

lisleman said...

Many of our connections are weak and temporary. I do think even the virtual ones are still connections just not very deep. thanks

lisleman said...

Yes it was recently announced. Short prayers for all. thanks

Cheryl P. said...

In a world that we communicate continually but the content becomes increasingly superfluous. Doesn't overuse of most things diminish their value.

lisleman said...

You make a good point. Broadcasting every tiny event of one's day doesn't really communicate much of anything most days.

Lisa said...

you make interesting posts.

lisleman said...

It's easy when you are the most interesting man in the world. Just joking, I try and it is not easy. thanks

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