Thursday, December 20, 2012

fragments - the week that was

The Friday Fragment posting has become a fun habit for me. I hope you enjoy my habit.

The blogger platform added a G+ connection feature. Now you can call out other G+ members in a post. Since I always mention the FF hostess, Mrs. 4444, I thought I would try this feature out with her G+ name.+Barbara Jean 

Mommy's Idea

After I wrote the post title, I remembered a TV show with a similar name. A little quick internet search and I found the show was called “That Was The Week That Was”. It started as a satirical BBC show and there was an American version too.

My fragments tend to be random ideas/thoughts found lingering in corners of my brain. It’s hard to illustrate a thought but I imagine most of them like dust bunnies scattering away from a broom.

(found on the back of my toothpaste tube) The iconic nurdle is trademarked by GlaxoSmithKline. Another short internet search turned up a lawsuit over the nurdle. Maybe it’s just me but their nurdle is not that iconic to me. I think they have a few executives who have lost their nurdles. But they came to their senses and settled their nurdle dispute out of court.

I should trademark my iconic hair. It could be confused with a nurdle some mornings.

Oh look a another fragment.  Get the broom.

A question for my less fashion challenged (I’ve been labeled fashion challenged and have no good labels in my genes) readers. What would be a good retirement uniform? It should include slippers I think.

Don’t get me wrong. 
Don’t get me wrong. 
All I want to know.
All I want to know.

Does "Jesus Christ Superstar" qualify as a Christmas song?

Did you ever notice there is not much whistling in Christmas songs Sometimes I just want to listen to a little whistle.


jnoragon said...

A retirement uniform: comfortable jeans. Button waist a must; don't wear elastic or you will forget what size you should be fitting into. Nice but comfy shirts, the ones without writing on them. Broken in tennies. Keep handy one set of clothing to wear to events like funerals. But no slippers. Get up and get dressed because you have a life to live.

lisleman said...

wait wait - are you saying you can't live life in slippers? How about sandals? Thanks for the advice.

Mrs4444 said...

I adore Molly Shannon, so any comparison is fine by me :)

The G+ shout-out thing might be a good thing to use with something I'm working on, though I think most people would rather the link go to their blogs. Hm. Will have to decide...

Thanks for linking up, Bill! Have a great weekend!

lisleman said...

I'm guessing it worked well. Did you get multiple notices? Glad you like Molly Shannon. That's a good point about the link going to a blog.
Don't let the snow wear you out this weekend.

Secret Agent Woman said...

"Jesus Christ Superstar" would be more of an Easter song.

Cheryl P. said...

I think there could be seasonal retirement outfits. Can't be wearing jeans and sweatshirt in August or golf shirts and shorts in December. Oh and indoor and outdoor versions as well. I like your idea about slippers but if you are going out, real shoes are in order...or at least in my case. Pink bunnies aren't welcome in some places.

You are right about the whistling. I can't think of any Christmas songs with whistling. Perhaps it is because a lot of people that think they whistle well sound like a leak in an old tea kettle. Once you introduce the whistle part, you can't control who participates. What if only people that thsssttt and phhfsttts whistle the song and ruin it???

lisleman said...

I think you are right about that. Christmas is more about the birth I guess. thanks

lisleman said...

You can't control the whistlers. That might not be a bad problem. Whistler tend to be happy don't you think?
Actually I was thinking of the slippers only indoors. I have noticed the wearing of flip-flops everywhere (summer time) these days. I can remember only using them at the public pool. thanks

Keetha Broyles said...

Get a broom - - - hehehehe

tracismixedbag said...

I feel like I have a pinched nurdle in my back right now. Heavy laptop woes.

I think added to your retirement out fit should be a white t-shirt with stain guard. I always see the old guys with the stained white t-shirt (well mostly my grandpa back in the day) we used to call it, "Saving some for later."

Jene said...

If I was close to retirement age, my plan would definitely include yoga pants and padded socks. But then again, I'm definitely fashionably challenged, so don't listen to me. Maybe you can start doing appliqued sweater vests that change every month to match the holiday.

lisleman said...

Sweater vests ? hell no! Do you take for some Republican Presidential hopeful? I like plain sweaters. I will wear a sweats with words written across it. Do you think yoga pants will still be in style in that distant future? I like that jeans have remained about the same over many years. Colors, treatment, minor style changes (bell bottomed) change but the basic thing has lasted. How about bib overalls? thanks always fun talking about shit I don't know.

lisleman said...

Oh my stains are nutritious, except for the coffee ones. The only nurdle I have is on my toothpaste tube and I pinch it to get the paste out.

tettelestai said...

Whistle a happy tune, then no one knows you're afraid! Yep, we whistle here too! I think slippers and lounge pants are a must with the retirement uniform. My father would also add a bathrobe or a bulky sweater.. and who am I to argue?? You should trademark the hair. It's how I know I landed on your blog.

I like the Google+ feature, I just can't put my full name out on the internet. For personal reasons, I remain anonymous. But it does sound like a great feature :-)

lisleman said...

Good to know another whistler. The G+ doesn't require your full name and I understand not putting too much on the internet. Mrs. 4444 ran into a problem with G+ naming but I think it has changed since then.

unknownmami said...

Nice integration feature that google has added, they don't always integrate well. You should wear dark jeans and moccasins with an weather appropriate shirt.

lisleman said...

Moccasins - good idea - they are much like slippers. thanks

longhollow said...

My thoughts are often like dust bunnies, scattering before I can catch them. Sigh.

lisleman said...

Thanks - here's a dust bunny thought - Do you think the Kansas song "Dust in the Wind" would done better or worse with "Dust Bunny" instead of "Dust" in the title? No answer necessary it already blew away.

Mrs4444 said...

I don't think I got any notices, actually. As I recall, I just noticed it when I visited your post.

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