Monday, December 17, 2012


engage in argument by discussing opposing points

We can still do this right?

We can still reach reasonable compromise right?

The complete/perfect solution for a complex (things get complex with millions of people involved) problem is probably not obtainable.  However, moving in the direction of a solution helps and is worth taking.

Deliberation requires time to think and collect background information.  I'm not sure polling information is the same as background information.

Engaging in the discussion takes effort.  The engagement works when we show respect for each other and other ideas.  You can show respect and still disagree.

There are many debatable topics in the news today.  What do you think about just one of them?

Thanks for letting me share a bit of thoughts rattling around my head.    


Joanna Jenkins said...

I think you would make a good elected official-- open minded and open to discussion and compromise. We don't have many people like that in Washington.
Cheers, jj

lisleman said...

thanks - don't give me any ideas like that. I can't imagine being a politician with the stress of all those fund raisers. I heard they spend most of their time in campaign mode. Open minded and open to compromise are values both sides should embrace.

Lisa said...

debate can if parties agree to let the consensus decide and accept it. But debate can only be worth anything with the guidelines of strong and clear constitution, if not it will be all over the place with no point of reference. If I can be open, what I see is debate is just a gimmick, a show to pacify the massess when the powers that be have decided and chosen the outcome.

lisleman said...

Interesting point. I agree that debate is of little use if it just continues forever. At some point decisions must be made. I don't agree with it being a gimmick unless you are talking about the election debates. Unfortunately the election debates often have too much showmanship and too little substance. Real debates can be good. thanks for sharing you idea - and maybe starting a debate?

Lisa said...

Debate on worthwhile debate ? :)

lisleman said...

Yes - I think we disagree on this. It could be that we don't understand the other's position so a debate would clear that up and be worthwhile - right?

Lisa said...

This is funny, and weird :)

Kathy said...

I think there is no debate on gun control...guns are for the police and military end of debate!

Cheryl P. said...

This has been rolling around in my mind for a time as well. Do we debate and discuss anymore or do we just take a stand and hold firm. I see less discussion and more stalemate. I like the idea that people could discuss and compromise.

longhollow said...

As you said, the engagement works when we show respect for each other and other ideas. I think respect is a rare commodity these days. Too many people believe they are right, period, and anyone who disagrees with them is ignorant. It has also become too much of a game, with politicians too often more worried about reelection than anything. I think term limitations would fix a lot!

lisleman said...

You only wrote "guns" and of course there are many types. I do agree that many types of guns should only be legally available to police and military. However if all guns were limited I would not have been able to enjoy the fresh pheasant my brother, the hunter, shared with me.
thanks for sharing your comment.

lisleman said...

Thanks - Certainly action needs to be taken on any issue at some point. No action is also a decision but typically not a good one.

lisleman said...

The lack of civility does appear to be more and more a problem. It's odd that this rudeness comes at the same time as all this political correctness. I don't think that is related but it seems odd. You know it would not hurt to debate term limits. The civility problem comes mostly from the media handling of issues and news (IMHO). Often the media is looking for a fight to report on. Many issues can be boring to report on I guess. thanks

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