Thursday, September 27, 2012

fractured friday offers friday fragments

If you were to print out all the fragments that Mrs. 4444 has linked on her blog over the many many Fridays, I would question your reasoning. I mean who prints out blog posts? The FF print out would fill a good size book.

Mommy's Idea

Expensive annoying drip - (this could be a whole post but it’s too irksome to write about) The bottom line good news of this is we have solved and stopped the condensation problem that was coming from inside an upstairs wall. The not so great news is the plumbers as you know have a high bottom line on their bill and the wall damage still remains.

;-# made up emoticons 8^)

I uploaded another youtube clip of my silly motorized creations. Part of the video clip fun is trying to match music to the clip. Unless there is talking in a clip I find background music adds to the whole experience. It has occurred to me that most of my background music is not very current. Does Hip Hop even work as background music? Those unfamiliar with the background song don’t get as much from the video. 

Did you know?  - The title song “Anticipation” was written by Carly Simon while she was waiting for Cat Stevens to pick her up for a date. I discovered that trivia while internet searching.  What I do remember is “Anticipation” being used as background music for a ketchup commercial.

In my last FF post I mentioned that I uploaded a new slideshow (with music) for your enjoyment down at the bottom of the page. The same one is still there. No one commented about it so I wondered if readers care much for slideshows nowadays. There were plenty of comments about the post so that’s good and thank you again. Remember when slideshows with sparkling effects were a big hit back in the myspace days.  Myspace pages were so busy and distracting.

Here’s a quote from a game company you probably know: 
"We see Bad Piggies as a long-term brand-building exercise. In three years from now we want to see Angry Birds and Bad Piggies as strong vibrant brands out there,"

The word “Piggies” brings the Beatles white album song to mind. 

“Have you seen the little piggies 
Crawling in the dirt... 
…Have you seen the bigger piggies 
 In their starched white shirts”

Now that the Beatles white album is playing in your head, why don’t we do it in the blog?

(proofreading provided by C. F. Eyecare)


Rebecca said...

Bwahahaha CF Eyecare! Ha! I had to read it a couple of times but that's great.

I don't normally watch much of anything or even have the sound on ..on my computer. Kids are in bed sleeping, this house is small and the kids are light sleepers.

lisleman said...

Yeah C.F. Eyecare might not be the best name for a company. You bring up a good point about videos and music - often people are not in a place to listen or watch.

tracismixedbag said...

So now, I'm hungry for a burger, coke and fries.

I did in fact hear the NPR story on Bad piggies and I can't wait to download it and play. But I have to master Angry Birds Space first.

I'll watch the slideshow!!!

tracismixedbag said...

Your slideshow is indeed not running on empty.

Nita said...

Hmmmm, hip hop for background music? It could work, just has to fit the video or slide show. Although I don't care to go to a blog that has music playing automatically I do enjoy when there is a slideshow or video clip that I can choose to watch. I really enjoy seeing how you put together the photos with the background music.

lisleman said...

thanks - good one - Many times in our lives we are running on empty though.

lisleman said...

Oh I agree with you, if I open a page that automatically starts playing any sound I immediately look for the player or some control to turn it off. Most people want the control of the sound being played - it's not TV.

Laurie Matherne said...

I loved Cat Stevens. Like really. Like 13 year old crush love. I would have written a song like that if I had the talent. And if Cat were coming to pick me up in the day!

lisleman said...

I always forget his new name but he is very talented and his "Father and Son" really can hit me emotionally. I hope I didn't spoil your teenage romance memory when I told you that Carly and him went on the date.

Pam said...

"...why don't we do it in the blog"...LOL Too funny. At least you were smart enough to call someone in the fix the dang thing. Because the husband can do all those projects/ fix the problems himself, he refuses to spend the money to call someone in. Problem? He never gets around to fixing anything. EVER.

LOVE me some Jackson Browne!

lisleman said...

I would be a fool to take sides on your fixing stuff issue. I procrastinate very well. I tried and failed badly on some plumbing once. Simple drain stuff is not too bad but this one involved cutting a section of pipe out of the wall and ... Oh, it hurts to think about it.
So you liked the slideshow then - good.

lisle superhero said...

anticipation of friday fragments

GB DB said...

DB and I have had our share of water issues, we have learned that dry wall is not our high point and generally have to call someone in to patch. Our patches look like a 2 year old did it.
Never knew who sang that song, thanks for the education this morning.

lisleman said...

the patching always looks like it's going to be easier than it is. thanks

unknownmami said...

I never took to MySpace because it hurt my eyes and sometimes my ears.

lisleman said...

You got that right. I was surprised that people would throw so much stuff on their page. Graphic tools can be dangerous for your eyes.

Lilly said...

Hang on a minute Carly Simons and Cat Stevens date? I cannot imagine that. Wow I learn something every time I come here. MySpace - never got into it at all and by the time may have it was already over. I wonder how long blogging, twitter and facebook will really last. What do you think?

Lilly said...

OK Bill I watched your slide show. You could have said it was Jackson Browne, be still my beating hard. I would have watched it straight away if I had known, over and over and everyday lol. I have loved him since I was 17 and even though that was only yesterday, I could listen to him all the time. Great work on the photography too. I like it a lot, well done.

lisleman said...

Oh it might make you envious then if you knew I went to a Jackson Browne concert last year. He had about a dozen guitars on stage with him (tuned differ for various songs), a piano but no band or backup singers. One man show. Thanks for listening and letting me know you enjoyed the slideshow.

lisleman said...

I found that trivia on the Carly Simon website so I'm sure it's valid. I think blogging has decreased from its peak and may just level off. I never saw much use for twitter but have seen it applied well to news events. I don't think twitter will last. Facebook will last but it's going to change into a shopping site. - Maybe I should post the Lisleman social media predictions.

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