Thursday, August 09, 2012

flagrant fragment

If I were to develop a line of fragrances (I’m clueless where to start but the odors from the shed out back are very odd.) I would call it “Confusion”. “Confusion” because a good looking woman needs to throw off the hounds.

flagrant - fragrant - one letter can make a big difference. One letter and you are going from a sweet pleasant smell to shameless scandal. This reminds of the sandal smell scandal but I’ll save that for another time.

Oh, it’s Friday in about half the world now so I have started my Friday Fragments (FF). Check Mrs. 4444’s blog for a full Friday filling of fragments. Oh, since this is the internet she does care what fragrance you exude.

Mommy's Idea

Over the years, “A Few Clowns Short” has entertained 10’s of readers. If you’re one of them then please share the good times and do the FB like, tweet, or G+ plus. Better yet write your name on a twenty dollar bill and send it to me. All twenties (or greater) will be photographed and posted here.

~-~Tweeting tweeting little text~-~

BTW - did you happen to see me at Second City in Chicago last Saturday? I was allowed to join my wife and a few in-laws (who knows if they will allow that again). I actually got called out of the audience for one skit (yes I was waving both my arms). Didn’t actually make it on the stage but the funny ladies (on stage) asked me a few questions and joked around with my answers.

I have not been to a Second City performance in many years. They now do an auction type thing for the improv routine topic. The method they start it with is very creative. They hand a person $1 and ask if they would like to spend $1 to pick their skit topic. People tend to suggest something and give $1 back. Then they pick another person and give them $2 with the same offer. Next it’s anyone want to out bid the $2.

This apparently rich guy stands up and gives them a $50 to have them use his son’s 25th birthday. Before it was over the guy spent $151 to have his son’s birthday used. I wish I had thought of approaching him later with my $15 birthday blog post idea.

I just found this funny clip on the Second City web site (warning sexual comedy content)

~-~how I wonder what comes next~-~

The best "closet" I have ever had the pleasure of coming out of was one in San Francisco where my BIL (he was at the comedy show with us) lived once. Inside the closet was a shower. You had to close the door tight and hope the water didn’t spray though the door crack.

~-~up in clouds you fly~-~

We still have a landline (I’ve mentioned this before because the landline owners will be an elite group someday) and it mostly receives telemarketer calls. Caller ID helps but I don’t always have the display or phone near me. Since there were actually a few “real” calls today, I jumped up and caught the last call before it stopped. It was a telemarketer robot voice offering a friendly representative if I pressed 1.

Would it be too offensive if I changed our greeting to: “Press one now, to kiss my A$$.”

~-~like a thought in the sky~-~

Walking on the sunny side of the street is positive. Crossing in the middle and getting hit by the number 11 bus is not so.

Hoping to keep those 10’s of readers coming back, I offer this original rhyme (also found in the dividers on this post): 

Tweeting tweeting little text 
how I wonder what comes next 
up in clouds you fly 
like a thought in the sky


NightmarePetard6 said...

Agnes Pages said...

Ironically, I think "Confusion" is a great name for a perfume :-)

lisleman said...

I've never studied perfume names but with names like obsession and truth or dare why not confusion? It sure sounds better than Justin Bieber's Girlfriend Fragrance. Who the hell knows what Justin's girlfriend smells like?

Bearman Cartoons said...

Did my $20 arrive yet? I sent it FEDEX overnight and bill the receiver. It should be about $26 that you will have to pay when it arrives.

viridian61 said...

from fragrant to fragment is just a change of two letters.

lisleman said...

Good one. More of this and my FDX stock will rocket. thanks

lisleman said...

yes this is what makes those spellcheckers crazy. thanks

Ann Javoroski said...

No wonder people are afraid to date when they are back out in "the pool" again. I thought it was very funny---especially the lady's expression. We went to Second City in the spring to see "the history of chicago". Pretty funny stuff!

unknownmami said...

One of the 10's reporting for commenting duty! I'd be willing to auction off this comment.

Keetha said...

I always LOVE your fragments and want to comment, but usually that nasty old word veri comes up and then I click away in frustration.

I'm making ONE EXCEPTION to my personal policy of NOT commenting on word veri blogs just because I do so want to communicate with you.

Now watch - - - I'll click post today and it will already be gone.

If not - - - PRETTY PLEASE consider turning it OFF and turning on comment moderation. Pretty please?

Also - - - when you leave your witty fun comments on my posts, I cannot respond to them because you are a no-reply blogger. You could remedy THAT by putting your e-mail address on your profile, where it will not SHOW to the public, but there will be a link.

Your adoring fans (me) want to communicate.

Keetha said...

Oh good grief! I KNEW it - - - the word veri was gone today.


lisleman said...

Now that's an out-of-the-box idea - auction off comments. Really good if I get the blog owner gets the money. It's so out-of-the-box that it will not fit inside the comment box. Boxes tiny boxes

lisleman said...

thanks for the comments. Some confusion here - I've never used word verification. For a very long time I've used Disqus which will ask you to sign in but you don't need to sign in to Disqus. You can use an FB or just use an email address. Also, I would need to check what type of comment/blog system you have but I typically leave my email address if there is a place to leave it. I'll go back over to your blog and leave it.

lisleman said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I know it's certainly adult humor but it got me laughing. Hopefully, there are not too many jerks like that guy out in the "pool". Those jerks should be flushed down the drain.

Laurie Matherne said...

I would think the shower would have out of the closet. Most of San Francisco's citizen are out of the closet most of the time. Why not shower out of the closet as well?

lisleman said...

ha ha - My BIL just rented the place so who knows maybe it became a selling feature later on. I think some of the parade types would consider showering right in the middle of the street if they could. It was such a strange setup because the room was never planned to be an individual studio apartment.

missing moments said...

LOL .. nice rhyme! It was easy to drive in Alaska .. renting a car was fine.

lisleman said...

thanks that's go to know if we ever get up there.

Kathy said...

Not even sure where to start ....other than I'm laughing and my family is wondering whats up! Have a great weekend!

lisleman said...

thanks - good to hear you liked it. have a great weekend too

Preeti Bonthron said...

Coming out of closets now! What next! :))

I need a fragrance to throw off prospective in laws. Got any?

lisleman said...

If my closets were cedar I could stay in them for hours. Does anyone use moth balls in closets anymore? Oh they smell bad. I've heard there are closet organizers but I think they work mostly inside the closet.

Mrs4444 said...

Okay, now, in my defense, I just realized I was here last night! Sadly, I must have gotten distracted. (Sorry) I love the perfume idea. Too bad I missed your 2nd City moment in the lights. Those kinds of shows scare me--I'm always afraid they're going to embarrass me. Nice poem, but I think you should stick to your day job.haha

lisleman said...

Well you more than made up for forgetting a comment with the multiple comments on past posts. Thanks for reading and sharing. It would have been more likely to embarrass my family than me. I always got a kick when teens would be embarrassed by their parents. Day job - that's been a little of a touchy subject of late. Let's leave it at developing my investment expertise. But if you want a twenty shown here with you name or blog name on it please let me know. Thanks again.

Mrs4444 said...

The check is in the mail ;)

Single Mom in the South said...

Confusion sounds like the latest Calvin Klein fragment. I still have a landline because I had a babysitter who did not have her own cell and wanted her to be able to get in touch with me. The one time she did, we realized that I don't have long distance on the landline and my cell number is long distance. She had to call her mother to get me instead. Whoops! NOw I have a calling card under the phone, just in case!

Single Mom in the South said...

Oh look... I made a flagrant fragrance typo!

lisleman said...

This a good example of why typos go unnoticed. Until I read your second comment I didn't notice you wrote "Calvin Klein fragment". I just read "fragrance". Having your landline at your home with kids is good backup for emergencies. I was just thinking that for non emergencies maybe she could get on the internet and send you text/email. thanks

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