Friday, June 15, 2012

friday fragment focus

The Friday Fragments post has become a habit here at "A Few Clowns Short".  I really do enjoy the blog community that has form around Mrs. 4444's weekly link-up.  The FF posts are just a link away.

Mommy's Idea

the latest soap 
I’m not a soap historian but I assure you that I use it on a regular basis. Many of you probably have the role of chief soap purchaser for the family. You run a clean operation, right? I suspect given its popularity that you use or at least have seen softsoap. It’s a brand name and also a description. Today while picking out some soap (I rank as a soap purchaser apprentice) I noticed that the softsoap brand company now (old news to the chief soap officers?) offers bar soap. This seems totally stupid to me. They spent years convincing people to switch to soft/liquid soap and now they are pushing bar soap. Well whatever floats your soap.

about that silver lining 
My daughter’s family had a sewer pipe disaster last weekend in their small home. The “silver lining” part of this is having them staying here for a few days while the cleanup and repairs are made. Our granddaughter has brought us baskets of smiles -  little miss morning sunshine.

little google girl

Old age riddle - 
Years ago people would refer to hang-out places with the same word that is now a common source of pain for them. What’s that word?   JOINT    - same word but different meaning when you get old. Click or highlight on that colored block to see the word.

Call me mellow yellow 
Do you like bananas? I’m a regular cereal eater and enjoy sliced up bananas mixed in. The other yellow foods available are nowhere near my banana intake level. Alright this fragment has yellowed enough.

New meaning to barcode 
Not sure why this has not happened to me before (looking old can’t be the answer). I was carded for my beer purchase at Target recently. The check-out clerk took my driver’s license and scanned a barcode on the back. I had never paid attention to this barcode before. If bar bouncers did this then barcode would have a new meaning.

(proofreading provided by C. F. Eyecare)


treinke said...

What a cutie. Sorry for the sewer but excellent to be able to have that one visit.

lisleman said...

thanks she is a cutie full of smiles

unknownmami said...

Hmmm...if I hear the word "joint", a place or a body part is not the first thing that comes to mind. Then again I live in SF.

jnoragon said...

Well, I totally do not get your new comment form. Can't read what I'm typing, either. About that baby. It's what life's about. A whole new meaning to You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. Now, let's see if I can post this baby.

Barbara Shallue said...

I didn't know softsoap was making BAR soap now. That cracks me up!! Enjoy that sweet little Google girl!! Oh, and I know what happened with the link. Disqus changed the sign in option. Open ID isn't available anymore. So now I have a decision to make...

Mrs4444 said...

Your granddaughter...what a sweetie. I like her hat, too. Maybe it's a sign that I'm going to be accepted by Google?!

Very creative word play there; you're always thinking outside the box, or in this case, inside the box.

Thanks for linking up :) Have a great weekend.

lisleman said...

Thanks - You can certainly use that picture as a sign if you like.

lisleman said...

I suggest you join up with DISQUS but I certainly understand not wanting to have too many different odd internet accounts. Yeah, there were two types of softsoap bar soap - weird.

lisleman said...

thanks you got it posted. That's strange if you can't read as you type the comment. I've had trouble getting it to let me type a few times when it was slow or broken. This is their latest version.

lisleman said...

Now that you mentioned this I could of writing about how that joint might relieve the pain of the other joint. CA is one of states I understand you can get a prescription for a joint.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Sorry to hear about the sewer problem, those can be expensive. But what a treat to have that gorgeous girl staying with you :-)))) She's adorable.
Happy Father's Day!

lisleman said...

Thank you - have a great weekend too

Secret Agent Woman said...

I use a non Softsoap brand soft soap (green tea fragrance) for handwashing to eliminate grubby bars. But I've always liked olive oil soap for the shower, which I could only find in bars. Just recently I discovered a liquid version of it, and am switching to that.

lisleman said...

You must be a great Chief Soap purchaser because your comment shows more info on soap than I ever knew. Olive oil soap? I would be hungry after my shower. thanks

Ann Javoroski said...

I'm late here to get at reading and commenting, though I posted my frags early in the game. Your granddaughter is a sweetie. I miss have wee ones--but the teenagers are fun, too.

lisleman said...

No such thing as a late comment. I really don't understand why we (I do the same thing) don't comment on "older" posts. I love comments and will read all of them. It's not like I need to search through the comments. I get an email notice when one is left.
Kids can be fun at all ages. I find the "wee ones" easier to have fun with though. thanks

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