Monday, April 16, 2012

snack seduction

(warning - food post - I’m not responsible for crumbs or calories

I’m a minimalist shopper. Get in and out quick. My wife (honorary advance degrees in stopping) stops at Costco occasionally and recently she bought some snacks. Typically no big deal. 

Not this time. I’m convinced this snack is from the devil
slightly sweet

The large jar of peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets must of come from the devil. The bite-size nugget lightly coated in salt seduced me into grabbing a handful. But stopping at one handful was beyond my control. 

My wife suggested a version dipped in chocolate would be even more desirable. I told her that chocolate dipped ones would require selling your waistline to the devil.

another circus 


Shrinky said...

Get thee behind me, peanut butter pretzel jar!  I've gained half a stone over the winter months, something's gotta' give.  Sigh.  I do all my grocery shopping on-line - less temptation.

Bearmancartoons said...

didn't you eat Combo's as a kid??

lisleman said...

I've done online shopping but mostly gifts.  I've never tried groceries online.   Maybe you should get your cricket on.  Now I'm wondering are there women cricketers (or whatever they are called)?

lisleman said...

 Not really.  I don't think they existed when I was a kid.  When I did try some years ago, they didn't seem as good as pretzels. 

Secret Agent Woman said...

That one would not work for me (especially if it were dipped in chocolate since I don't like sweet salty snacks), but I know what you mean about some snacks being evilly addictive. 

Joanna Jenkins said...

Uh-oh, now I'll be not he lookout for both types on my next shopping trip to Costco.... which might have to be today ;-)

Jene said...

There are few snacks I love more than chocolate-covered pretzels. I could probably do without the peanut butter.

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