Thursday, March 08, 2012

foozling friday fragments

Don’t foozle your fragments. Put them in a post and link your framed fragments over at Mrs. 4444’s blog.

Mommy's Idea

Hello Mr. Mind, I dropped by to pick up a reason for the thought that I caught that the my blog is the event of the season.  (some blog thinking while music listening)

I consider the following picture that Kristin of “The Goat” posted, to be one with a funny message. I “pinned” it on my funny pics board. If it could actually do what it appears to do, I would send one to all the presidential candidates. (oh did you know you can embed from pinterest into your blog?)

I don’t see typos. It’s hard to focus on ficus or fucus when they are all good words. But feces just stinks so I will move on. 

I spotted this odd (never seen it used before, have you?) symbol on the local weather web page. Once I stepped outside I knew right away what it meant.

Certainly we all have different tastes. I learned some people are classified supertasters. Seems normal not to enjoy certain foods that others like. I enjoy many types of beans. Even lima beans are fine. But I run away from kidney beans especially cold ones. I’m very suspect of the person who coined the name. How did they know the shape of kidney? Unless you are a pre-med student, how many people know the shape of internal organs. Two problems I have: 
  1. I don’t like thinking of kidneys while I eat. 
  2. I think the name came from a cannibal. 
 out of cute pics here's the divider you get
Be very careful if you are a banana out walking the mall.  Take a look at what can happen:

(proofreading provided by C. F. Eyecare) 

Still here?  Taco me this dear reader - what's the name of the song that gave me the musical fragment at the beginning of this post?


Kristin - The Goat said...

I've been pinned! Thanks :)
I ca n almost guarantee that I will never be in a banana suit LOL
in our liver transplant group we don't talk about eating liver :)

W. C. Camp said...

After all this time, I still never understand why FRIDAY FRAGMENTS appears on Thursday? You must live on the International Dateline or something? W.C.C.

lisleman said...

 Glad you asked and mentioned the dateline.  So by the time I post the  Friday fragments it is it Friday in about half the world.  Really what  time is it on the internet?  I get a few readers from international locals so I think it makes sense.  Also and maybe the bigger reason - many readers I think are morning people (not me) so it's here for those sunrise readers.  I'm a sunset guy.  thanks

Secret Agent Woman said...

We did the taster experiment in HS - I was one.  There are things like cilantro I cannot bear to have in my food.

lisleman said...

 This does not surprise me given the food descriptions you often have in your posts.

Heather - Acting Balanced Mom said...

I'm going to say that taste is often not what gives me an ick factor when I eat - it's texture... there are some that just make me want to cringe....

Tami Miller said...

That video - WHAT??? An extra large banana and gorilla in the mall??? 

Andrea SunnyDays said...

The McDonalds face is just plain creepy. I don't think I'd touch a cup with that on it.

However I do love the little M&M guy. We used to have the California Raisin dudes when I was a kid. I used to line them up on the fireplace and pretend they were tanning....I was always a creative genius, even back then.

Happy Friday!

Profwaynewsmith said...

Ronald in that picture looks like the type that would invite little boys into his van...ick ick ick,

lisleman said...

 That "creepy" face is from a McDonalds toy that my wife spotted on the side of the road once.  I recovered the face from the damaged toy and have used it in a few gadget/robot toys I've made.  Check out my Playing Around tab -
It's just Ronald.   Thanks

lisleman said...

  That "creepy" face is from a McDonalds toy that my wife spotted on the
side of the road once.  I recovered the face from the damaged toy and
have used it in a few gadget/robot toys I've made.  Check out my Playing
Around tab -
The M&M is the star of my last video.

lisleman said...

 strange one - poor banana -  Should I worry about the things that make me laugh?  thanks

lisleman said...

 Texture is why chips are so popular.  But texture is not too much of big  thing for me.  thanks for sharing a comment.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh, hello, Mister Soul, I dropped by to pick up a reason

For the thought that I caught that my head was the event of the season,

Why in crowds just a trace of my face could seem so pleasin',..."!!!!!

Woohoo, sometimes I just can't help myself.  Glory, the useless stuff I have crammed in this old brain of mine.

The song is Neil Young's 'Mr. Soul'.....Takin' a bow here and ready to accept my Grand Prize!   Heeehehehehe!

I do so love the MMMMMm's .

God bless ya and have yourself a fantastic weekend!!! :o)

lisleman said...

 WOW - You nailed that one!  Grand Prize ?  How about bragging rights?  I would send you some M&M's but I ate them all.  I know, step outside and have some sunshine just don't step in the cow patty surprise.  Thanks for playing around and have a great weekend.

StarTraci said...

I was tempted to say something decidedly un-clever like "now I know why the banana split" but resisting that urge, I'll simply say that I was amused and amazed that there was so little reaction from the bystanders. I guess gorillas tackle bananas on a regular basis in France.
Happy Friday!

lisleman said...

 I don't know, maybe nothing shocks the French.  "Why the banana split" - I like it but consider the source.  thanks

Frau said...

My first thought of video was it must be somewhere European...I thought it was weird to see grocery carts in a mall. We had them in no surprise it was France! Your Frags always make me laugh...thanks and have a wonderful weekend! 

lisleman said...

 I didn't think about the cart.  Good catch.  thanks

unknownmami said...

I'm a supertaster. It can get annoying when there is a tiny amount of something I don't like in a meal. My husband doesn't believe that I am a supertaster so he always tries to sneak offending ingredients into meals and acts shocked when I don't like it because it has a tiny bit of something in it. 

tettelestai said...

Oh that poor banana.  He should be packing heat, just in case an ape is around ;-)

I love embedding my favorite Pins, but it took me weeks to discover that I could :-(

I missed the music reference, but I must admit I am quite in a rut over country music, ha.  Finally making the rounds from FF.

lisleman said...

 " offending ingredients"  what might they be?  Does he do it to tease you?

lisleman said...

 thanks for including me in your rounds.  That was a pretty obscure song reference so I didn't expect much of a response.  As you can see, Nezzy knew it.  Banana packing heat - must be a joke in there somewhere.

tettelestai said...

It's a gun joke, sorry.  This week we found out the Army is moving us to Alaska and residents can open carry hand guns... this is hubby's dream come true.  We have discussed this concept quite a bit this week :-(  Apparently it's on my mind a bit much.

Pat Fortunato said...

Did you know that "foozle" is an actual word: something to do with messing up a golf shot. I used it for a series of puzzle books, combining fun with puzzle. I guess it should have been Fuzzles, not Foozles. Whatever.

lisleman said...

 Yes I did.  You didn't think I would just make up words.  Actually I have made up some words.  Bladge - a badge for a blog.  Fuzzle has potential.  Any suggestions for a meaning?  Here's my suggestion - Fuzzle - that act chasing fuzzy dust bunnies around the floor.

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