Saturday, February 04, 2012

Save the Ta-Tas

As I come to a stop behind a pickup truck, I do a double take on a sticker displayed in front of me. 

Now, I’ve seen the pink ribbon symbol too many times to count. My wife has run in the Susan G. Koman race and has t-shirts proudly showing the pink symbol. But I’ve never seen this phrase used with it. 

The Save The Ta-Tas organization has been around since 2004.  Perhaps you already knew about this organization and their unusual merchandise. I had never heard of them.  Their sticker gave me a laugh that stuck in my head.   Later on I was searching for more info about it.

From the Save The Ta Tas web site:
"I'm an entrepreneur, I like to laugh and I want to see a world without cancer" -Julia Fikse 

Julia has always been a firm believer in laughter as the best medicine, as well as the importance of maintaining a positive spirit. 

This is a serious problem and I have relatives who have been affected by breast cancer. I like Julia Fikse’s idea of fighting this problem with some laughter.

Now I don't think "Socks Without Partners" will get too far.


Secret Agentwoman said...

I think humor is necessary, too, but I always thought that particular campaign trivializes breast cancer and focuses on breasts as sexual objects rather than fighting a disease.  

Incidentally, I have always been a supporter of the Susan G. Koman foundation and have participated in the Race for the Cure.  But they lost me irrevocably when they withdrew their funding for breast cancer screenings through Planned Parenthood, after they hired a right wing VP.  They have semi-retreated from that decision due to a huge backlash against them but aren't acknowledging that the move was political. I'm deeply disappointed in them.

lisleman said...

 I thought about saying something about all the news on the Koman foundation but reconsidered since the post was really about the sticker that I saw.  I understand the trivializing opinion.   They couldn't do this type of thing with say kidney disease but on the other hand it does  create discussion and donations about the problem so that's good.

unknownmami said...

Thank you for keeping me abreast of the TaTas' cause. 

lisleman said...

 Sure no problem.  Had you ever heard of it?

Barbara said...

I've never heard of that, either. Love her attitude! And Socks Without Partners cracks me up!

Bearmancartoons said...

I don't see this as trivializing the disease.  People are so used to seeing the pink ribbon, I think it was time to shake up people and make them refocus on breast cancer.  I think this does it very effectively.

lisleman said...

 thanks - it is good to hear your view on it.

lisleman said...

 It does shake things up a bit (would bounce be a better word ;) but I also understand someone considering it something that is too serious for jokes.  I find people joking about death all the time so I think this campaign is effective but might be disliked by many.

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