Monday, February 06, 2012

over and over and over again

I picked up a CD of oldies from the library. On it was Barry McGuire’s (I didn’t remember his name) 1965 hit protest song, “Eve Of Destruction”. The lyrics apply to today’s world as much as it did in the sixties. 

History does repeat. 

One line that has unfortunately applied for too long is: 
“...handful of Senators don't pass legislation...” 

I could pick out many more similarities but it is easier for you just to listen to it. I found this recent performance of the song by Barry McGuire himself on youtube. (first minute is him telling the story of the song) 

I agree with the phrase he added at the end of his recent live version: 
When will we ever learn?


Frau said...

Not much as changed since then....! Kinda scary! 

a said...

Oh my, what a GREAT song!

Anonymous said...

classic words and tune! (unfortunately)

lisleman said...

 Yes it does scare one into wondering if there is any hope for world peace.  It seems there always will be someone who wants to destroy to get ahead.  thanks

lisleman said...

 thanks peace

Shrinky said...

I have this song on my i-tunes playlist, it's stirring stuff isn't it?

Anna Lefler said...

So cool!  And thanks for stopping by my blog, btw - nice to meet you!

:-)  Anna

lisleman said...

 Anna I wish my memory was clearer because I don't remember your blog name.  I noticed you put a link in your DISQUS but it doesn't work.  It comes up with broken link.
thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment.

lisleman said...

 Yes it has a lesson for us.  I'm biased but I think the songs of the 60's had more messages of advice than song today.  "You Can't Always Get What You Want"  .... you'll get what you need.

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