Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wandering mind

I just passed a sign in front of a strip mall advertising psychic readings. I’m not interested nor do I believe in future predicting or mind reading. I have noticed that some people are more adept at reading others feelings and emotions. 

I’m not. My clueless moments have gotten me in trouble in the past.

So instead of psychic readings do you think I could offer psycho readings. Enjoy 15 minutes talking with a psycho and leave feeling better about yourself. What would you pay for that? 

If the business took off, I might achieve psycho coach someday.

Now that most everything is being digitized and run as apps, you won’t be surprised to learn there’s an app for that. Ouija Board apps are available for both Apple and Android devices. (there’s psycho one too but it appears to just be a bloody knife)

Who wants to go first?


oceangirl said...

Hehe, I'd be your first customer.  Any offer like free trials?

Bearmancartoons said...

I only go to psychics with a money back guarantee.

Frau said...

I've been to a psychic before and some things I was told happen but mostly a bunch of crap! Never play with a Ouija board before I think I'll sit this one out!! 

Rebecca said...

Ya know I played with a Ouija board before and never, ever again.  Spooked me out big time because of a question it answered........the only one who knew the answer was out of the room........and the board.  Creepy crap!

Also, my mom went to a psychic once and the advice she gave was so vague that anything could have happened and we'd hail her as legit.  "Your daughter will fight with a friend over the summer"  (When the girl asked about kids mom said 'two my daughter is 12 and my son is 14')  Anyone that knows anything about 12 year old girls know they fight constantly.......She also said that our family 'would be dealing with the law'.  My parents home was burglarized when mom and dad were at work and my brother and I were at school.  ...I'm sure she didn't see the robbery but people get pulled over for speeding not stopping at a stop sign, getting rear ended, etc. . .all the time.

lisleman said...

thanks for sharing your story.  Yes vague answers can be made to fit.  One of my friends had a Ouija board and I remember playing around with it.  I believe they were sold in the toy department with the games.

lisleman said...

sure drop off a question, I'll give you a psycho answer.

Jonin said...

Yup, I'll take a Psycho Reading please....    :}

lisleman said...

Ok - egg roll over here and answer some simple questions.  Do you have any money in the bank?  Do you face the wind or turn your back to it?  If you are working on the first question, I'll help just pass your account number and password along.  How long have you ever stayed up in a tree?  Do you see squirrels?
Ok now I really need that first question answered.

Jene said...

I'm in complete agreement that future predictions are total BS. My mom, on the other hand, is not. Family dinners are always interesting with her wanting to discuss the latest new age theories and my husband, the scientist, biting his lip to keep from saying something he'd regret.

A ouija app? That takes all the fun out of sliding it around to scare your friends!

lisleman said...

I give your husband credit for being smart about MIL conversation.  They can't stop creating any app that comes to mind even if it makes no sense.  I recent heard they have a "I just had sex" app that puts you (I assume your partner too but it could be a solo?) on a map.  TMI don't you think?

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