Wednesday, December 28, 2011

playing til the cows come home

I just stumbled on to this clip and thought it was so funny I needed to share it.

Now if they could just get them to line dance.  It would be perfect.

This has happened before (finding a clip not playing to cows) and I typically just post it up on my other lesser known blog, "another circus".

another circus 


Rebecca said...

What is it they say about happy cows?  I think I want  to drink milk from their dairy.

Barbara said...

So funny! I expected one to step up and drop some change in a tip jar!!

lisleman said...

change ?  I know what cows drop in the field and I would not want to have any in my jar.  thanks glad you liked it

lisleman said...

cultured cows that just enjoy live performances.  They do appear happy.  thanks

oceangirl said...

I fell asleep it over yet?

tracismixedbag said...

I love it! Hey, cows need entertainment too.

lisleman said...

Ok just cows, sorry no cowboys.  Hey some people have trouble falling asleep.  There could be a market for this.
wake-up - thanks

lisleman said...

yeah they sure do!  I thought I might pick up a few extra bucks and start an entertainment business for cows.  I might call it "over the moon".

tracismixedbag said...


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