Monday, December 12, 2011

on the twelfth day

Those were the days my friend 
We'd thought they'd never end 

I talking about this damn Christmas song with twelve days that don’t want to end. The song brings too many unanswered questions to a guy with an analytical engineering trained mind like mine.

First off, the PNC bank who calculates the gifting cost says the gifts are cumulative (364 gifts). So for example at the end we have 42 nesting geese who would require lots of space. Also, do the performers stay and for how long? 30 leaping lords have destroyed my living room and brought the village police down to investigate. 

The geese and swans have ruined our garden pond

The little drummers are now drumming the many days gifts into my synapses. The partridges had long died from fowl overcrowding and the swans couldn't swim in the frozen pond. What on the surface seems like a cute song is really a logistical and environmental disaster.

BTW - I want your opinion, doesn’t “on the duodenary day” sound much better?.
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Shrinky said...

Hahahaha, oh, you are too, too funny - and so right!  Put that way, these gifts are less a blessing than a curse!

Frau said...

Awesome ending!!

lisleman said...

This is why the song really needs an update.  thanks.

OneStonedCrow said...

Yeah, it also begs the question 'who was the original dingbat who gave all there crazy things to his/her true love?' just before Christmas?

He/she has a lot to answer for ... I mean, how many good folks have floundered trying to keep up with the Jonses?

Bearmancartoons said...

That many leaping lords probably backed up your toilet too.

lisleman said...

Yeah you should of seen them leap from the toilet.  thanks

lisleman said...

it could have been a medieval marketing executive.   I tend to blame all bad things on them.  thanks.

Nezzy said...

From one long silly song....ya sure gave me somethin' to ponder on here.

I must agree...sounds quite horrific when ya think about it.  So sorry 'bout your garden pond! 

Made for some great blog fodder though!  Heeehehehe!

God bless and have an outstandin' day, Man!  :o)

lisleman said...

Nezzy you probably have enough land to accept all these bird gifts.  If the leaping lords got to be a problem you could point them to the back 40 and forget about them.

Random said...

Those are really good questions. Thanks for pointing out the dark underbelly of this seemingly innocent song!

And, I do think "On the duodenary day" sounds better

lisleman said...

Thanks - duodenary day just has a nice cadence to it.  Sounds a little like that big hollow tube thing in Australia.

Reena Walkling said... are always bring me a laugh!

lisleman said...

thanks - laughs are fun to give

Bitter said...

Haha good question.

lisleman said...

thanks - we have a vast collection of words we should use more of them.

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