Sunday, December 25, 2011

blog like a man

oooo eeee oooo

he said 
blog like a man 
talk like a man 
blog like a man my son 
no follower worth 
crawling on the earth 
so blog like a man my son

Since the “Jersey Boys” musical was big hit I assume most of you kids know this song. I actually like the Frankie Valli version better. (here’s a link if you need to refresh your memory)

Maybe you have noticed I love song parodies. Lucky for you I can’t sing.  Parodies are a great mix of comedy and music. Here’s a recent find. Tim Hawkins is funny and can play the guitar. 

I took a walk on the wild side today - I wore my socks inside out. 

Next time I’ll write about how I blog the line. Yes I’ll admit that I’m a fool for you. Because you are mine, I blog the line.


oceangirl said...

Ha this is funny.  And how do you tell that to a woman.  I need to try that, wearing socks inside out, see if that does anything to my blogging ability.

savannah said...

great way to start the day, sugarplum! thanks for making me smile! xoxoxoxox

Mrs4444 said...

That guy is hilarious! :) Very relatable.  (sp?)  

Socks inside-out today, huh? I wonder what's in store for you tomorrow.

lisleman said...

thanks you are welcome
I probably wear my socks inside out and not even know it.

lisleman said...

You are welcome - enjoy the smile - I enjoy generating them.

lisleman said...

yes many of us can relate but I'm so happy I don't need to worry about the hair.

Barbara said...

He's hilarious! Love the KC parody, especially. Exactly what my husband would say!! Thanks for sharing this! 

lisleman said...

good to know you liked it.  I didn't know the KC one as much as the others but they are all good.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Funny.  I love Flight of the Conchords - some of the best parodists around.

Your title reminded me of an old post I did - I start to use "blog like a man," but ended up going with the Kinks instead:

lisleman said...

the gender guessing thing is interesting but doesn't appear to be accurate.  thanks

tracismixedbag said...

pha ha ha ha I love it. "Don't come in my yard no more." 

lisleman said...

thanks for checking it out

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