Monday, November 14, 2011

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I just saw this story about a car deal on the business channel.

I'm nowhere near and mostly likely will never be near joining in the "1%" as the occupy people would call it.  But it's occasionally interesting to see what they are wasting their money on.  

The car is Danish.  That makes it unique already and maybe you would like a $49,000 watch.  Can you spare $1.8 million?  I don't know if that includes shipping and handling but it might.  Your car (oh it's called the Zenvo) comes with a crew of "flying doctors" that deliver the car and are on call for any necessary maintenance. 

The sad news is sales are not doing too well (IMHO).  They have only sold 3 cars in US.  Tough times.  If any of the A Few Clowns Short followers buys one of these - please email me.  We need to talk.


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Jene said...

Do you watch Top Gear? They reviewed this car before it came out, and the plan was to only make 15 of them, ever. I think 3 sold of 15 is a bad sign :p

Kristina P. said...

I don't get the car thing at all, so this seems ridiculous.

lisleman said...

I certainly don't get it at even a fraction of this crazy price.  But it would be hard to understand life at the billion dollar level.  Too bad I couldn't get a billionaire to fund  a being-super-rich experience for a week or two.

lisleman said...

I've heard of it and watched a clip or two on web but I don't watch it regularly.  So are you a top gear head?  thanks

tracismixedbag said...

Not in a million years, even if I could. It's cool info to know.

lisleman said...

Yeah you could impress people if you ever saw one on the street by telling them you know all about the car.  thanks

Secret Agent Woman said...

I don't like the way it looks AND I am not  impressed by conspicuous consumption.  But the first car?  If it were in better condition, it would be adorable.

lisleman said...

IMHO - it looks good but not worth anywhere near the money.  Yes that rust bucket sport car would be better priced too.

Bearmancartoons said...

Show up in the next batman movie and then it will sell like hotcakes.

lisleman said...

at that price?  Holy Paycheck Robin!  Come to think of it Batman could afford one.

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