Thursday, November 10, 2011

friday fragments fiasco

Are you flushed with fragments flying off your lips? 

Most of my fragments never reach my lips. If you enjoy a good fragment on a Friday (or Thursday evening) the place to visit is Mrs. 4444’s FF post.

Mommy's Idea

This past weekend I discovered baby news and pictures generate more comments than most of my posts. Just an observation that makes sense to me. I’m thankful for the nice comments and of course very happy to have another granddaughter.

Did you follow the news of the asteroid whizzing by earth this week? If you missed it that’s OK because it missed us.

Do the Russians have good car insurance? 

Emotions and booze just don’t mix well in any country. 
A naked driver, flying on "the wings of love", smashed into 17 cars on a drunken rampage through the streets of Moscow behind the wheel of his car. (story link)

Lately I’ve noticed many of the salty snacks I enjoy feature sea salt. Someday in the future we will saying, “he’s the salt of the sea”.

I used a coupon for a free coffee from Caribou Coffee today.  I like their tag line on the card with the coupon:
Life is short.  Stay awake for it.

Do you have the same reaction I do when you hear about a theft gone badly for the thief? 

I start to critique their operation. Here’s a car thief thinking “outside-of-the-box”. 
(from the reported story) surveillance showed a truck with a flatbed trailer and crane fastened to it pulling into the lot Sunday just before sunrise. The crane with its claw grabbed the 2008 Jeep by the top busting out windows in the process and lifted the vehicle off the parking lot. The crane swung the Jeep around and sat it on the flatbed trailer.

Last spring (oh no, I'm starting to long for spring already) I posted a fun song by Hayes Carll. It’s called “Down the Road Tonight”.  While I was listening to it in the car today I had a minor epiphany that this song is an epitome of Friday Fragments. It’s just one fragment after another. 

Drunken' angels 
Blacktop racers 
Holly rollers 
Whiskey chasers 
Lone star drinkers 
Midnight ramblers 
Dirt road divas 
Highway gamblers 
Moonshine mommas 
Panty droppers 
Dali llamas 
Old pill poppers 
High school heroes 
Back road preachers 
Pool hall hustlers 
Tantric teachers 
Teenage cuties 
Hare Krishna Feed me chicken 

another circus 


Laurie Matherne said...

When I was in the States. I liked sea salt. I would like to be called "Salt of the Sea." Cool. 

unknownmami said...

The peanut butter I just bought has sea salt in it and it is wonderful. Babies inspire comments.

Sara said...

That's the best coffee tag line EVUH! It also works hand in hand with my inability to sleep lately. Someone must've written that just for me. 

lisleman said...

Maybe but I think whoever wrote was probably thinking of you waking hours.  I hope you get some rest, you'll need it the holidays are coming.

lisleman said...

Babies inspire many things both joyful and frustrating.  They certainly make you more aware of time.

lisleman said...

Hey salty thanks for stopping by.  One of my favorite t-shirts (I've been told my standards are low) is one from Salty Dogs bar and grill.

QQ QandleQueen said...

I was aware of the looming asteroid, but I really would have liked to
see it in action.  I mean with all of those satellites circling the
planet we can't nab a picture of something like this?

TechnoBabe said...

Of course a post about a baby, especially a new grandchild, would be received into the blog community with love and congratulations to the family. A baby is special. Glad you got lots of comments on that one.Even if you didn't do the work to have the baby. 

Gina said...

Too funny - the crane picking up the jeep and destroying all the windows.  AndI'm sure the crane and flatbed did not attract any attention.  I love stuff like this!  You said "salty snacks."  Now I ned some!

lisleman said...

While I'm a little unimpressed with this video, NASA did release a video of the asteroid.  Here's the link - thanks

lisleman said...

"do the work"  -  well yes you make a good point.  However I must point out that I did raise the mom.  thanks

lisleman said...

Good to hear you like odd news.   You can find more if you click on the "news" tag/label.  The article said the crane theft took place in the early morning so maybe noticed it.  They did capture it on a video camera.

security equipment said...

Great post, I admire the writing style :) A little off topic here but what theme are you using? Looks pretty cool.

Karen and Gerard said...

No, I didn't hear a thing about that asteroid--glad it missed us.  Ignorance is bliss--wasn't at all worried about it! 

Stopping by from FF.

lisleman said...

theme = template?  the template info is on very bottom of the page.  thanks

lisleman said...

I don't think too many people were worried about it.  But NASA repeatedly stated that they were certain it would miss.  It was almost to the point of making me NOT believe them.  The thing was big - aircraft carrier size.

Mrs4444 said...

If you say so, Bill....

Off to see the new grandbaby!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I didn't hear about the asteroid until it had gone by.  One thing about not often listening to the news is I have less to worry about!

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