Wednesday, November 16, 2011

blogging by ABBA

(if you don’t know ABBA just click away, this will not make sense - on second thought this will probably not make sense anyway so go ahead read it)

You start blogging. -->
Take A Chance On Me
if you got no place to go when you’re feeling down, read my blog 
- it’s magic - 
you can take your time baby I’m in no hurry - 
my blog is strong enough to last when things are rough.

You get your blog idea going. You get inspired. -->
I Have A Dream  
If you see the wonder of a blog tale, 
You can tweet the post your tweet won’t fail, 
I believe in Angels, 
Something good in every comment I read

You get a few followers. -->
Knowing Me, Knowing You 
it’s the best I can do 
memories, good days, bad days, they’ll be on my blog always.

You find and follow other blogs. -->
Mamma Mia 
momma blogs use many memes = meme-a-mia

Blogging buddies become a more regular part of your blog. You share links, shout outs. -->
The Name of the Game 
I’m getting more open-hearted, 
So I wanna know, 
what’s the name of your blog.

You lose followers. --> 
where are those happy days they seem so hard to find - when you’re gone how can I even try to go on - 
when you’re gone though I try how can I carry on - 
what happen to my followers it used to be so good. 

I can’t dance so maybe you could help me fit “Dancing Queen” into this. Now if it were called “Blogging Queen” that would be a different story.


Nezzy said...

Thanks OK man, I've got the Dancin' Queen covered for ya!!!

I love Abba!!!

God bless and have a fantastic day!!!  :o)

lisleman said...

great so are you a dancing queen?  They made some great music but they are not my favorite.  I just started thinking of "Take a Chance on Me" while I was blogging the other day.  thanks all the best

frau said...

Love how you compared it to a are brilliant! Made me laugh....were do the followers go?? Weird when a blog just disappears...following and out of no where they are goodbye's nothing!! 

oceangirl said...

I am in ABBA at the moment.  One of us is crying, one of us is lying..

lisleman said...

brilliant - oh - you know how that just encourages me which is great thanks.
followers - well I don't think they are like leprechauns but sometimes they do disappear.  Probably eaten up by facebook.
Blog disappearing - now I call that a Forrest Gump move.  Remember (you saw the movie right?) when he is running back and forth across the country and then just quits in the middle of the road?
thanks - ah brilliant such a good word

lisleman said...

...Now it's different, I want you to know...
don't be staring at the ceiling - get out there and greet the world with your big smile.  Someone will smile back.
thanks  I didn't use that one but thanks it's good but sad.  all the best

savannah said...

i'm typing to the music, sugarpie! if you change your mind, take a chance on me and i'll blog more... ;) xoxoxo

Barbara said...

So creative! And I bet you can dance!

Bearmancartoons said...

You should have written Mama would have been more entertaining.

lisleman said...

Hey if you have their agent's contact maybe we could work out a deal for a rewrite.  You could be my agent since I don't have one.

lisleman said...

thanks - I can do interpretive dance having just my own interpretation and wine helps.

lisleman said...

chances are you will blog more.  thanks

Jene said...

And now I'm going to have Take a Chance stuck in my head all day :)

lisleman said...

the dangers of youtube sharing.

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