Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lisleman’s news that you don’t need

Would any of you like to sponsor this news? 

Yeah I didn’t think so. Great news - what we have all been waiting for - finally

McTV is here and in high definition 

found this on Jafabrit sometime ago

Oh no there are not putting the flat screens in the stalls.  McDonalds will be rolling out their own TV programming on the flat screens in the dinning area.  So get out of the drive-thru lane and get inside for exciting Mc-shows.

The nearby Mickey D's doesn't have the programming but they did put in a nice flat screen TV.  I've enjoyed CNN while munching on my fries.

And now this breaking news on dog poop -

AshPuppie Dog Poop Incinerator

I’ve done a couple of posts on inventions lately. I'm probably wrong but I think this high tech poop incinerator is an invention before it's time.

Well thanks everyone that's it for today.

Oh wait, this breaking news just in -

Lisleman is off to find any crumbs on this story.

I can’t blog


Pearl said...

Great.  McTV.



lisleman said...

it might be ok if you put special sauce on it.  Don't throw sesame seeds at it yet - who knows it might be much better than the one at the Shell gas station.

oceangirl said...

I'll listen to Lisleman's news channel anytime! we are already too stuffed with McD's, I feel like throwing up. poop incinerator is a grand idea. dog or others.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I am laughing out loud at the Ash PooPie.  Is that for real?!?!  The announcer sounds so very English and so very serious.  Ha!

I hadn't heard of McD's TV but we do have TVs at our grocery checkout line.  As if we need more advertisements in our face.  Sheesh.


lisleman said...

thanks - I understand the poop incinerator is not on the market yet but maybe they are taking pre-orders.  thanks

lisleman said...

I believe it is real.  The website says the company is Israel based.  I believe the McTV trial is being done in CA.

Bearman Cartoons said...

Feed me on the toilet with a tv and I will never leave

unknownmami said...

What a waste of cupcakes!

lisleman said...

yes there are many people who would have enjoyed eating them.  I like the last line of the article I linked - "...alleged victim of the cupcake assault declined to comment."  How often does anyone get to write "cupcake assault"?

frau said...

too of the weird and wacky...while filling our arteries with fat...! 

TechnoBabe said...

You are a good news scout, lisleman. I personally am not a dog owner but when we lived in San Diego there were so many dogs around that this dog poo invention is desperately needed there. In our little town we feel like we are just about the only house with no dogs. Some houses have multiple dogs. Gads. That is a lot of dog poo.

I have never liked McDonalds and don't go there. Also don't go anywhere that has a tv in dining area. And I am not a bah humbug person. In fact, I think I am a better mood and a happier, free person since I stopped watching the tv over six years ago. It is amazing to me that that stupid box has people saying to me "what do you do without tv". I think I should write a post about the idiotic remarks I get about that. Wow.

Regarding inventions, when I was a kid I would draw inventions and came up with so many new ideas regularly. When I was a young mother I came up with great ideas then too. Do you do that too?

lisleman said...

I'm sure that by controlling the content you will not see any fat or animal rights stories on those screens.

lisleman said...

I do watch some TV and eat at McDonalds occasionally.  It really is about balance  right?  My favorite TV shows are NOVA, Nature, The Daily Show, music specials, news.  But more and more people are using the internet for entertainment and I do too.  One more point about TV shows - the best way to watch a TV series is to watch the DVD of the whole series.  No waiting a week to see the next one.  You just need to wait for the season to finish. 

Inventions - yes I do think of them and having been in development for a good part of my career I had the reward of launching products.  I have ideas but very often I don't write them down.  Very often I think of many reasons why the idea would not work well.  Young people have this advantage of accepting or not even thinking about the risk involved in pursuing an idea.  We don't hear about the failures very often.

Jene said...

The poo incinerator reminded me of this product that I recently came across - - The Cat Genie. If I had an extra few hundred dollars just lying around, I might actually consider it.

McTV makes me sad.

I like your news, much better than what we see on TV these days.

lisleman said...

"...with SideWalls for cats who prefer total privacy"  -  How would you know?  Next thing you know they will be putting out-houses in the woods for the bears.

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