Tuesday, October 11, 2011

greatest thing since

One of our stops on my King-of-the-road uncle trip was completely his idea. He wanted to visit some old friends who lived in Chillicothe MO. We spent one night there.

As we drove through the small town I spotted this great mural and quickly decided to loop around the block and snap a picture. As I have mentioned before I’m a big fan of public art. 

I guess we were traveling on hallowed ground for all the sandwich lovers of the world. Chillicothe MO. is the home of sliced bread. Almost had me running to grocery to get some peanut butter and jelly. 

Last week I remembered to check out this Chillicothe claim to fame. According to this wikipedia page it was a Chillicothe bakery that first started selling sliced bread in 1928. 

sandwich from Nutropolitan blog

This thin sliced story had my mind wandering around the many inventions we use in our daily lives. One great one fell right there in front of me as I opened a bottle of beer. The bottle cap bouncing and spinning away on the floor is both simple and efficient in preserving freshness. 

So is sliced bread the greatest thing since the bottle cap or is it the opposite? In other words was the bottle cap the greatest thing since sliced bread? 

Go ahead make a guess.

The answer is below. You can read it by highlighting the text under the golden bars. 

The bottle cap was patented in 1892, many years before the the Chillicothe Baking Company. 

What do you consider the greatest thing since sliced bread? 

Velcro is in my top ten.  The expandable waist band is on the list too.  Do you have an answer stuck in your brain yet?

another circus 


tracismixedbag said...

Quite interesting, I love when sayings are explained. My favorite invention is the MP3 player or Ipod. I had a huge binder of CD's I used to lug around just to have my favorite music on hand.

lisleman said...

I guess we share the thinking of "why do we say that?".  Yes those small players that can now hold so much music are amazing.  Many of the wondrous/evil gadgets of today are extremely complicated compared to sliced bread, Velcro, bottle caps.  The transistor and battery inventions allowed us to have these handheld gizmos.  thanks 

oceangirl said...

Very interesting, almost brought tears to my eyes, don't worry I do that all the time.  I was touched because it was one of the first expressions my husband taught me.  

What could be greater than the invention of the internet.

lisleman said...

thanks for sharing your interesting connection.  Yes the invention of the internet is grand but this network is built on many things and many protocols.  The internet would not of happened without the invention of unix which came from Bell Labs.  There are wondrous things like modern aircraft but they are systems of many inventions. The internet is a world changing invention but I was thinking of simpler devices such as a bottle cap.

oceangirl said...

I see whatcha sayin', well, we are still waiting for the invention of the durian opener! :)

Barbara said...

After the summer we had, it has to be air-conditioning for me!!

lisleman said...

Now that you mention it the AC invention really did become important this past summer.  Ours struggled along and I have my doubts if it will make it next summer.  Could you imagine the days of ice blocks and lots of sweat?

Nezzy said...

Both an amazin' mural and PB&J!!!   Woohoo!

The greatest thing since sliced bread???  Gotta be a toss up between duct tape and WD~40!!!  Just sayin'............

BTW:  Hubs bought Pepper Nipper to help work the cattle here on the Ponderosa she has her work cut out for her.  She does pretty well in nippin' at their heels and herdin' 'em.  Me...I don't head so well with her nippin' at my heels!!!!  She's still a puppy in trainin' though.

God bless and have a magnificent day Man!!! :o)

lisleman said...

thanks for answering my question.  So do you use WD-40 for all sorts of things like my wife?  She removes stickers with it and loves to attack squeaky hinges with it.  Luckily she has not used it on me yet.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Expandable waistbands seem like a less than ideal invention to me.

Aside from all the amazing technological advances - Corkscrews are cool.  Pens.  I'm sure if I were less tired more would spring to mind.

lisleman said...

corkscrews - best thing since a bottle of wine.  Those newer ones (don't remember the name but it might be rabbit?) make it even easier to open.  Pens - the ballpoint type or the roller ball ones?  Good stuff.  If you had my waist you might add the waistband to your list.

Vidya Sury said...

I really love that mural. Best thing since sliced bread? Electricity :D

Vidya Sury said...

Bill, I can't find your twitter handle

lisleman said...

I'm not on twitter. I don't think I would use it. thanks for looking and sharing your comments here.

Bee said...

The bra extender!


lisleman said...

That a surprise one for me. I guess it gives your bra a second chance.

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