Thursday, October 27, 2011

future friday fragments

time - it's so confusing

It's already Friday where some readers live.  So if you read this on Thursday then consider it a future Friday Fragment.

Don't know if Princess of FF, Mrs. 4444, has a crystal ball or any crystal for that matter.  But she does collect FF posts and you can enjoy them anytime.

Mommy's Idea

Dumb criminal stories are funny, don't you think?

This is not the first time I've heard of a sting like the Cook County Sheriff did recently.  They sent 10,000 letters to people with outstanding warrants offering promises of $500 gift coupons, plasma televisions and video game systems.  50 wanted fugitives made appointments to collect their prize.  Their prize was a ride to jail.

I was digging through boxes of old pictures (hey don't get going about organizing them.  Some are in albums) and came across this one from a past Halloween.  Maybe our family was a-few-clowns-short-of-a-circus.

Last Sunday I posted a few old pictures.  Pictures are among those things that get better with age.  People also can get better with age.  It is just a matter of what they get better at.  Blogging might be one.

maybe wearing more stylish clothes get better with age

Old vs. new -  Now you might have seen the Apple ad for their latest I-phone smartphone.  You might even have one already.  I'm not a smartphone user but if you are and have interacted with this personal assistant, Siri, please share in the comment section.  I find the whole subject of computer interaction interesting.  I knew it would not be long before we saw Siri parodies.  Here's an ad you will never see Apple run but it will crack you up.

I discovered by accident that blogger offers up your post pictures in a slideshow now.  For as long as I can remember, readers could click on post picture and if there was larger version it would pop up.  Now when you click on a picture you get the bigger version but it comes in a nice slideshow along with the other post pictures.  Go ahead give it a try here and let me know what you think.

Happy Halloween

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I can’t blog


Bearmancartoons said...

and a few amish short of a barn raising

oceangirl said...

try where? but I'll try to find it, don't worry.  It is Friday here!

lisleman said...

I can't stop laughing - thanks.  I didn't have the whole outfit on for this picture but it was actually a ZZ Top costume.

lisleman said...

Just click on a post picture like the pumpkin picture.  You should get a new page with a larger picture and the option to go to the next post picture on the bottom of your screen.  It's a simple slideshow, no music or anything like that.

Rebecca said...

That is awesome that the sheriff was able to capture so many people.  Now I'm wondering about that Saudi guy who keeps e-mailing me about that prize that he wants to give me.  I think it's either an inheritance or a lottery winning.  I wonder if I somehow sleep walked to Saudi Arabia and then did a crime and came back and the Saudi police is just trying to trick me?

Laurie Matherne said...

I have a smart phone. But ye gods! It can't see my extra tonnage . . . yet. 

StarTraci said...

I love old pictures. they do get better with age! I especially like your clown.


lisleman said...

Yes you don't want a phone that smart.  Not that it would apply to you of course.

lisleman said...

Tricky Saudi police - uh - yeah right that's it.

lisleman said...

Thanks we all like her too.

Mrs4444 said...

That Siri thing--very intriguing. The video was quite funny.

Loved the old-time outfit! I wonder when you wore that (under what circumstances).  Tried the slideshow thing, but it didn't work (on my blog or yours, anyway. Hm.

I love those stupid criminal stories. I'm also told that criminals often get collected around holidays and funerals. They should know better than to think they can live their lives normally after they screw other people's lives up. Of course, if they knew better...

Thanks for linking up , Bill :)

frau said...

Gezzz I guess I'm taking that phone off my Christmas list like my tight pants aren't enough of a reminder I've gained wait I don't need a annoying computer telling me! 
Love the old pictures...really too funny looking back at old styles how many times did you say what was I thinking!!! 
Have a great weekend! 

lisleman said...

Our Mom dressed my brother and I in matching outfits.  She sewed often which makes me think she made the outfits.  The picture was probably taken for Easter.

lisleman said...

I guess you can decide what to share with your phone which in itself is really odd to me.  thanks

Rachael1013 said...

I love that they did a sting like that.  I bet it was way cheaper than bounty hunters!

lisleman said...

Yes very cost effect I believe.  You some of these criminals are so dumb you could probably pay them money to turn themselves in.

unknownmami said...

The slideshow feature is cool and easy to navigate.

lisleman said...

thanks for the feedback.  As you'll see in the comments some didn't get it to work.  I think it will be nice for SIMC posts.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Sending letters to the fugitives was a great idea.

I have an older iPhone (a 3S) but have ordered a 4S and am eagerly awaiting it.

lisleman said...

Law enforcement has good ideas at times.  Hey when you get that 4S let us know how you and Siri get along.  thanks

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