Thursday, October 06, 2011

digital impact

As I glanced down at the front page of today’s Chicago Tribune, I see the face of the man who had the vision behind the laptop on which I create. I agree with giving Steve Jobs the headline, “American Pioneer”. 

But many more people will not be reading or learning about his legacy from a newspaper. Their media of choice will be digital media. Today our habits have become digital.

FB, G+, blogs, laptops, smartphones, and real life can combine in good and bad ways. I don’t know if social media makes us more or less social, but our gadgets play a role in real life get-togethers. 

Que Hora es - about noon at the moment. 

But the answer to this question for me has expanded to, “time for a laugh”. 


Yes, I am most of the time too. I’ll explain. 

Part of my digital habit is youtube. I enjoy discovering funny and interesting clips. I listen to music on youtube. I create my own clips

Have you noticed youtube clips coming up in conversation at family parties lately? 

Oh did you see the youtube clip of the blah blah blah? 

Oh you need to see it. Let me grab my laptop ….

On our recent trip I described to my wife the youtube clip of a skit called “Que Hora es” that I had found. I guess, I described it very well because she was cracking up. We were in the car at the time so she didn’t get to see it but found the idea very funny. (it came from a short lived show called “Cedric the Entertainer Presents”) 

While at my sister’s place it wasn’t too long before I mentioned this youtube gem. My wife urged me to pull it up on my laptop. She still have not seen it. 

My BIL found it hilarious. He quickly shared it with his brothers and sisters. I learned he knows more Spanish than me. My limited amount comes from visiting Spanish speaking countries and having a few Spanish speaking relatives. 

Maybe in the future we won’t retell jokes but show funny video clips instead. Going completely digital is not good but these gadgets can add to the fun. I think a good balance of sharing laughs by telling jokes and showing clips works the best. 

Here’s the skit - enjoy


lisleman said...

We don't think about it.  When a technology becomes so common that we don't think about it, is the sign it has really changed our culture.

Thisstopwilloughby said...

My kids are always showing me videos they find online.  I don't usually browse youtube unless I'm looking for something specific.

Great video!  It reminded me of an old SNL skit with Jimmy Smits.  It's here if you want to watch it.

lisleman said...

You should surprise them and show them one, but good luck on finding one they didn't see.  thanks I've watched SNL for many years now.

Jene said...

Every time my family gets together we always end an evening with an hour (or 3?) of YouTube sharing. My sister has the best finds! It's always a good time.

lisleman said...

family youtube time - a new trend I guess.   thanks

unknownmami said...

Cinco de Mayo, baby! Pretty funny. Good idea for a skit. They did a great job.

I remember I took Russian when I was in junior high and I learned phrases like, "How much are those felt gloves?" I had no idea felt gloves where so big in Russia.

Mrs4444 said...

That video is hilarious! Do you mind if I share it on Google+?

lisleman said...

Please do - you know I like it when a laugh it shared.

lisleman said...

Oh I misread that question.  No I have not shared it yet.  Ok I thought you were asking to share it.  Good thing your question was in English or I would have been total lost.

lisleman said...

Thanks for checking it out.  I found the counting the best part along with the days of the week.
Pretty cold in Russia so I imagine any type of gloves would be a big deal.  You took Russian.  I would have never thought of that.  Not too many people take Russian.  So the bag is a KGB issued one then?

Pearl said...

Que hora es?!  Time to get one of those cameras!  The ability to take pictures where the subject has been miniaturized cracks me up...


lisleman said...

Yes it is a fun effect.  There is also the fisheye effect.  It will not be too long before we will not  know if the real person looks like the picture or if the picture was enhanced.  Your miniaturized cats would be fun to see.

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