Thursday, September 08, 2011

fragmenting rights

I am exercising my right to fragment today's blog post.  There is a somewhat regular group (I really don't know how regular they are.  I assume) that join Mrs. 4444 for her Friday Fragments.

(just a side note here in the middle - have you ever watched Mrs. 4444's youtube star dog Cooper?  -  now there's some talent)

Mommy's Idea
I started the week with sinus problem that enjoyed keeping me up.  So I was feeling a little sleep deprived early in the week.  I understand sleep deprivation is an interrogation technique.  Not that I expect to be interrogated any time soon, but I might be a push over.

our end starts with our beginning - life is a big cycle - some learn to ride it and others don't.

right to rant - is that in the bill of rights?
(maybe in the blogger rights)

saving the post office
( Now don't tell me that you didn't hear about the post office financial problem.  Think of labor intensive moving of physical items compared to email,facebook,online bill paying, twitter, etc. )

Senator Claire McCaskill, apparently my age, suggested to the postmaster general at a hearing to run an advertising campaign urging Americans to send more letters to each other.

My suggestion - (just as good IMHO)

Force big pharma to only advertise through junk mail.  Take their dumb TV ads off the air and into junk mail.

Anyone else feeling bummed about the upcoming 9/11 anniversary?  Last weekend I started watching the specials on National Geographic channel.  Even NOVA did a special on the building of the memorial in NYC.  Of course, these special reports are informative and important historical stories.

Oh the story of a guide dog that saved a World Trade Center worker brought me to tears.

I posted my little story about 9/11 - damn.

Oh did you notice how the little divider pictures above seem related?  I fragmented this picture to make them.  Sentences and thoughts are not the only things to fragment.


Karen and Gerard said...

I think there is a book about that guide dog called "Thunder Dog." I have a hold on it at the library.

frau said...

We have been watching the specials too, I've cried a lot. I think all of the specials have been done in good taste and before now I think it was too soon to watch. It's really hard to believe it's been ten years..feels like yesterday. 

Hope you sinus are better and you have a restful weekend! 

Laurie Matherne said...

I love Carole King. Did you know she is selling her ranch in Idaho? And. . . you need the post office. Hondurans pretty much gave up on a working postal system years and years ago. It's worth saving. My bills are taped to my door. In other towns, bills are often just thrown in an open window. True. I have lived in a town like that. And most services have to be paid at the bank. Telephone, electricity, water, cable, cell phone bills, car taxes, etc. are all done at the bank. Which means banks are overrun with harried customers waiting for hours at times to pay bills. 

oceangirl said...

another blogger friend also had sinus problem, is it the season. your fragmented pictures are awesome. and your carole king is absolutely amazing. i am enjoying it and i think i could listen to it all night! hope your weekend is good lisleman.

really nice lisleman, the song. thank you. and a tear dropped. that had to happen now i post this comment.

lisleman said...

thank you.  This song is very fitting for the 9/11 remembrance.  Strangers became friends that day.

lisleman said...

No I didn't know about the ranch but then I'm not in the market for ranches.  Thank you for pointing out the problems and situation that can happen from a completely broken postal system.  We don't think about how bad it could be.

lisleman said...

thank you - the sinus problem is over for now.
We do need to hear and learn about the goodness, fellowship, and kindness that happened in that tragedy.

Gina said...

I have LOVED the National Geographic shows on all aspects of 9/11.  Do I get a star or a gold crown or a cupcake?  I noticed your fragmented picture right away!  Have a great weekend!

unknownmami said...

Sorry about the sinus problem. Hope they have taken a hike, but not up your sinuses.

lisleman said...

thanks - it has cleared up well.  Yeah things taking hike into your body - not good.  Thanks for the image.

lisleman said...

cupcake - Ha you would probably sue me for damages if you ate one I tried to make.
You are officially awarded a "a-few-clowns-short" point.  There is no point to the points but getting them sure is fun.

secret agent woman said...

Being tv-less sure has it's advantages.

lisleman said...

Are you sure you don't want to watch a few ads?  I guess you can watch whatever 9/11 special you want over the internet.

tracismixedbag said...

Me too! (sinus, sleep issue) The interesting thing about the post office
is that most people won't care about sending letters until we can't
anymore. I love sending letter (once in a while) but most of the time
put it off because of how inconvenient it is to find a stamp.

Yeah, the anniversary of 9/11 is a bummer, I had to stop listening to
stuff about it because it was bumming me out, me bummed out is no good
to anyone.

Jobs In My Area said...

its was really helpful post for me! thanks a lot for sharing!!

lisleman said...

Did you know you can buy stamps online at and the "stamps by mail" program will deliver the stamps to your address for free?  Yeah the whole stamp thing is kinda of an inconvenience but few want to buy more than they need.  The "forever" stamp is a great idea.  I'm sure the postal service will be different in just a few years.

tracismixedbag said...

Buying online stamps online, pretty cool. I actually have about 3 of those forever stamps left but since we hardly use them, finding them can be work.

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