Thursday, September 15, 2011

fractal fragments nest

Nesting - I never heard that term used to describe pregnant women until recently. Our daughter is pregnant so maybe if she starts to do more cooking than normal I could take advantage of this nesting.

If you have fragments of thought and word which need a nest, then I know a place. I’m referring to the one and only Mrs. 4444’s (don’t tell google+ her name) blog. Check out her soulful fragments and fill your mind with goodness.

Mommy's Idea

TV season - 

There was a time when I was eager to watch DH.  The first three or so seasons were a hit with me. I still remember the first episode’s gun shot.  They had a good mystery going for a few seasons.  Oh remember the tornado episode?  Today I didn't even know it will be their last season until I read this post on Eternal Lizdom.

Walk and chew gum - yes I can but not much more unlike this talented young lady:

Earlier this week Chicagoland had to breathe Minnesota's second hand smoke. It was hazy and it smelled bad. Next time share it with Canada. It’s mostly beavers and moose around that area anyway.

I mailed 3 birthday cards this past week. 

What have you done today to save the post office

Here’s an idea - The Post Office gets a groupon for Fedex services. 

Oh I almost forgot. fractals - I found this very interesting site by Paul Bourke. This Australian works in the computer graphics field and has many unusual photos such as this one:


Kristina P. said...

 Nesting scares me. It sounds scary.

lisleman said...

Almost anything could sound scary if you twist it enough.  I don't know much more than I've heard and read but it appears to happen throughout the animal kingdom.
 Compared to the other steps of the birthing process I've witnessed it's not much. thanks

W.C. Camp said...

Wow I did not know what DH even was but I rarely follow any serialized show. I saw it a couple of times and it was not bad. To this day I have never seen an episode of Dallas, Falcon Crest, or Dynasty. The juggle girl reminds me of your brain Lisleman esp. on Fridays!! Nice post! W.C.C.

lisleman said...

thanks - I juggle thoughts around my head all the time but don't worry they are usually light ones.

TechnoBabe said...

Nesting sounds like the perfect name for pregnant women and also for retired older women! 

Bearmancartoons said...

Next time I am sitting on my butt and my wife wants me to do something, I'll just tell her that I am nesting.

lisleman said...

Let me know how the fight turns out.

lisleman said...

I'm not sure but I think it is behavioral term used in studying animals.  It does rhyme with resting.

oceangirl said...

The photo is interesting. I am thinking of our own post office, it is government.  Our office still uses the mail.  I have not seen a stamp in forever. Hope your Friday is still going good.

lisleman said...

Pretty hard to delivery the mail while you are out at sea.  Of course, I know you are not floating around all the time.  Yes the US postal system which is run without tax dollars will need to change because the costs are too high and the revenue too low.

Gina said...

I have single handedly funded the post office this week - 1 priority international package at $45.20 and 2 domestic priority packages at $9.99.  I wish someone would send me a package!  I admit, I was kind of wondering if the postal service took my money and then put my package on a Fedex plane.

lisleman said...

It's very possible that they used somebody's cargo plane.  I don't think they have their own planes.  But as long as you get the service at a better price who cares?
Maybe they should start an awards program like the airlines.

frau said...

I'm so excited for the fall TV line up I'm making up for being without english speaking TV for two years in Germany. Okay that is an old excuse ....I love TV! DH not so much! That video was wild....talented young lady...I can chew gum and walk too! 
Have a wonderful weekend!

lisleman said...

thanks - you don't know you want it until it's gone.  Wasn't it fun to watch American TV dub for the German market?

Joanna Jenkins said...

Whoa!  That video is amazing.  I wonder how she figured out she had that kind of talent.  I've never seen anything like that.  

Happy weekend, jj

unknownmami said...

"Fractal" sounds off to me, like some kind of exam you should get at the doctor.

lisleman said...

Maybe it's the 'r' and 'al' sounds that have you thinking of something totally different and dark.  It's a known math term.  Actually it's a whole math area of study.  Thanks for your thought because I would have never thought of it.

lisleman said...

someone threw her a ball once and then another and another etc.  I have no idea.

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