Tuesday, August 16, 2011

sex on six legs

I thought about using the title “wango tango” but then why not use the title of the book. Yes I’m about halfway through sex on six legs (the book - what you are thinking?) 

Regular readers know I don’t review books here often but I have a few times. I posted about Eat Pray Love once and I never read the book or saw the movie.

The “sex on six legs” book by Marlene Zuk is not about ménage à trois.  It is about insects.  However, reading it I learned female beetles, flies, and many other types mate with multiple partners.

The insect world is a strange place and this book takes you on weird and wonderful journey that leaves you with some scientific knowledge of genetics and animal behavior.

Here’s a sample from the “Sperm and Eggs on Six Legs” chapter.

“Other insects, such as hangingflies and scorpionflies, go out and catch prey items to present to females, who then consume the item while their hind ends are occupied with mating.”
“...a rather modest-looking species called the short-bodied cellar spider, females “sing” during mating … making a sound the authors describe as “resembling squeaking leather.”

Wow - eating during sex, gift giving males trying to get lucky, spider porn, I didn’t realize biology was so exciting.  Now if more students realized science can involve sex maybe we could get more interested students signing up.


blueviolet said...

They can get away with cheating in the insect world? Interesting!

lisleman said...

yes - what's the term on facebook?  It's complicated.  Maybe I should bugbook for all the insects online.  I'm sure you have heard of the spiders eating their mate instead of cuddling.

Bearmancartoons said...

haha so the men distract the women with food so they can mate.  Genius.

tracismixedbag said...

Bugs creep me out but so fascinate me. I'm currently reading Wicked Bugs about just that wicked bugs okay so maybe the title's a little anthropomorphizing, but it works. I think you'd like it. And I think I'd like the one your reading. NPR just had an an on-air article about bugs and sex, you talking about it is making me want to listen (you have that kind of pull.) http://www.npr.org/2011/08/15/139554957/sex-on-six-legs-when-insects-go-wild

I know any time I see animals get it on (working at seeeworrld I see it a lot, it kinda grosses me out in the same way when I see people getting it on (which is not often, thank God!) So it would not be a selling point for me to take a class. The theory of it fascinates me not the actual act. :-P

I can't wait to read your Eat, Pray, Love review. Especially since you didn't read the book or watch the movie. LOL

lisleman said...

Where have you been? - this the classic take them out to dinner scheme.  I have not finished the book but I hoping to learn of the insect that gets their mate drunk first.

lisleman said...

You have seen people getting it on at seaworld?  Or is that a play on words "seeworld".  I remember a couple getting it on during an overseas flight once - it was better than the movie.

Eternallydistracted said...

I'm definitely a science convert now! :)

frau said...

Interesting.....I know I would have loved biology back in the day if they taught that!! 

Kristin_The_Goat said...

So the sex is so exciting that the male needs to get her food to consume so the deed can get done?  That's funny!

Mrs4444 said...

haha  I wonder why they call it "singing," and not "screaming." 

lisleman said...

I don't really want to know why you thought of that word change.  Somethings are better left as unknowns.

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