Thursday, August 11, 2011

flip a fragment, flop a Friday

Thank you Mrs. 4444 for prompting me to fragment. It’s FF time in blogland so go visit the fragment queen Mrs. 4444 (I wonder if I referred to her as a princess she would like that better. Why does the image of princess look younger than queen? You can be a princess and never be a queen. Sorry, I'll leave this tangent now.)

Mommy's Idea

My last post was about google+ and some of you could careless. But what about marbles?

So when is google coming out with the marbles to play with in our circles? Oh never mind I forgot most of you are too young to have played competitive marbles. I lost mine once.

(I'm not shooting marbles.  
I'm just trying to get my knees working again)

Music brings images to my mind. I was just listening to an old favorite of Eric Clapton’s song, “Tears in Heaven”. As I listened, I wrote this: 
would you read my blog if I saw you in heaven? 
Answer - I think my mom would. Probably not my dad. 
would you buy me a beer if I saw you in heaven? 
switch the answer 
>> internet <<
(these separator words can be found in my label cloud)
some randomness drifting and bouncing between my synapses: 
  • If I knew where this was going to end up I might not enjoy the journey so much. Like knowing the ending of a mystery beforehand.  Life can be scary and exciting in the same moment, like a sweet and sour Chinese dish. 
  • If you gave me all the dots I would not have time to connect them. It takes a lifetime to connect the dots. That’s ok because that last dot - it’s a killer.
>> blog <<

We watched a PBS special on comedy last night. Funny people, funny stuff but it also gave you a serious look at censorship. It covered decades of comedians. Here’s a line Mae West used once: 
I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.
>> games <<

Comedy and serious problems - they do mix sometimes. I just got this image about the UK rioting in my email (thanks PK.  Do you recall the 2012 games will be in London). 

Do I look like security? 

I was using my tax dollar paid wi-fi at the local library the other day. Kinda slow. So this other patron approaches me and ask if I'm going to be there awhile. 

"Yeah I guess so" I say. 

"Good could you watch my stuff."  He tells me.

Before I could negotiate a rate for security guard, he was gone. I guess I look trustworthy anyway. 

Then I had one of those I-could-have-said moments. I could have said: 
  • Oh yeah I’m on parole so I’m limited to where I can go. 
  • No I would rather go with you. 
  • Yeah sure, you don’t have any account information in your laptop do you? 

LLL number 2 is still going. (good thing I didn’t put “number 2” after "is still going" in that sentence - totally different meaning)  Anyway go share some laughs.

Here's Eric


W.C. Camp said...

I like that picture of your dance moves by the lake!! I thought the line that Mae West said was going to be something like I used to be snow white but then I slept with seven dwarfs. W.C.C.

lisleman said...

She had plenty of lines about men.  Did you know she is the one that used the one about something in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
lucky dwarfs

frau said...

I like your randomness today! And your smooth dance moves too! 

TechnoBabe said...

I remember playing marbles with my cat eye marbles. Way cool.

Kristina P. said...

Oh my goodness! I realized that we did used to play marbles in elementary school. Totally forgot about that.

lisleman said...

I need to ask all the marble related commenters this - Do you still have your marbles or did you lose them?

lisleman said...

I need to ask all the marble related commenters this - Do you still have your marbles or did you lose them?

lisleman said...

Smooth - yeah like a rusty hinge.

secret agent woman said...

"Tears in Heaven" always makes me so sad.

I don;t think I'd leave anything expensive with a stranger.

oceangirl said...

your friday fragments are really great. the princess really brought out the best fragment in you!

joanna jenkins said...

Yep, I'm old enough to remember marbles but I was never very good at the game-- I jsut liked collecting the pretty ones.

And Eric Clapton-- he's fabulous.

Have a great weekend. jj

TechnoBabe said...

I have moved over one hundred times in my life. With so many moves, I don't have things from my childhood (which was not so great anyway). I remember having my own cat eyes marbles and one steelie that I won from a hot shot little boy who could really play marbles well. I had a little bag and kept the marbles in them. I remember sitting down on the dirt and someone making the circle with a finger, and I can still flip the marbles with my thumb. I tried teaching my grandkids but they did not have interest.

lisleman said...

thanks - Now you said you collected them which I think anyone playing the game did.  Do you still have your marbles?  I don't have mine.
thanks for sharing

lisleman said...

Did you tell the Princess of the North Woods about that yet?  You should.

lisleman said...

I agree on both items.  I've been in the library and just packed up my laptop if I wanted to go to a different area or use the restroom.  However, on the beach I've left chairs and a cooler while walking along the beach.

tracismixedbag said...

I love Tears In Heaven, such a beautiful song. I would buy you a beer if I saw you in heaven. But frankly if I was drinking in heaven it would have to be something tequila based, because I can't imagine heaven has hangovers.

lisleman said...

thanks but that is one offer I'm not too eager to claim.  I suspect you are not either.  Hangovers - that would be a good question to ask a priest.  I'm thinking no hangovers and open bar.

Mrs4444 said...

I enjoyed these, certainly, but moreso, I'm just glad you were able to unload them :)  My favorite is the one about the dots--Very funny.  I also love that you kept that photo and thought to use it. 

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