Saturday, July 09, 2011

a short thought

The internet is a fabulous tool. It’s out of this world (it is virtual after all), but it’s all about the world.

Does the internet increase or decrease vocabularies? I just don’t know. If you use it for more than just picture gazing and actually start researching and exploring knowledge, you will learn stuff.

Oh I just reread my title, I should get to the point.

The internet and it’s ever quick changing features can be overwhelming.

That thought took me on a tangent. What is whelming? Why does everyone seem to only write about "over doing" their whelming?

Johnny are you whelming in there?

Go ahead ask the internet those questions.

Whelm comes from the Middle English word whelmen which meant “to overturn” or “to capsize”.

Now you have high point scrabble word and if the other player put down ‘helm’, you might get a great move with just a ‘w’.



Ocean Girl said...

this is too scholar for my lazy brain. you whelm me.

Cyndy DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love to say, when something is boring or less exciting than expected, "I am underwhelmed."  I have no idea if it's a real word or not, but I really don't care. 

TechnoBabe . said...

Most of what I deal with is underwhelming. Overwhelming would be awesome. Ha.

secret agent woman said...

I think the internethas the capacity to increase vocabulary but only for those who seek answers.

joaniemack said...

I didn't even know whelming was a word!  When I googled it, I got 
whelmingpresent participle of whelm (Verb)1. Engulf, submerge, or bury (someone or something): "a swimmer whelmed in a raging storm".2. Flow or heap up abundantly.  More »Merriam-Webster - The Free Dictionaryinteresting.

Barbara said...

Whoa! So how do you over-capsize something??

Jene said...

Sometimes I think the internet is making people dumb. Or maybe just dumbing down their common sense. I say this because last year a Facebook "friend" posted about a great new cleaning recipe. It involved mixing bleach and vinegar. Her post was followed up by a bunch of replies from other friends who couldn't wait to try it out. Being a science guy, I'm sure you know what happens when you mix bleach and vinegar.

I was so underwhelmed by the group intelligence that I blogged about it.

I *do* think that spellcheck has made me a lazy speller.

lisleman said...

Wow I wonder how many friends got sick from it.  My wife long time ago "burnt" (I don't know the medical term) her lungs from mixing a combo like that.  Also, as crazy kids we mixed some bleach and toilet cleaner crystals  to make some explosive gas (I think it's hydrogen gas).  Lucky I guess.

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