Wednesday, May 04, 2011

wacky wandering Wednesday

what the,
where is,
what if,
wish I would,
write this down,
what’s with w’s?

Analysis Paralysis - I credit a friend and co-worker with coming up with this term. He might have heard it somewhere else but I first heard him use it at work at times we were waiting and waiting for a decision from management.

Have you ever experienced it?

There has been times I think too much.

Oh that’s great idea/story/event to blog about, I tell myself. Next, I’m off looking for a little more info on it. Wait, what’s this interesting whatever? Now, I have another idea wandering around my brain cells.  Hmm, which idea do I post?

superhero fatigue - That seemed like a great blog idea a few days ago. It was mentioned on CNBC in a discussion of Hollywood and the movie industry. I have a few posts about Batman and Chicago (here’s one) but I’m not a big superhero fan. I don’t know all the X-men and don’t know if I want to. I noticed that they scraped the bottom of the barrel with “The Green Hornet”. The story never even made it as a TV series (just one season). Another “green” one is coming this summer - Green Lantern.

The comical decisions by the movie producers overplaying their superhero idea to a dull boring end, might not be my best post idea.

Whoa do you smell that?

“Don’t have a cow” is a phrase I have used. The person behind another post idea had a cow but didn’t have a horse. 

Have you heard about Luna the cow?

Photograph: Kerstin Joensson

A German teenage girl trained her cow like a horse. I stopped my research (analysis paralysis remember) before verifying my hunch that the cow jumped over the moon is reason for Luna’s name.

Now those movie producers should pay attention. A cute animal, a young girl, and dream to do something unheard of, seems like a better basis for a movie than an oversized green guy. 

This cow jumping story would make a great movie - Luna the next “National Velvet” or “Black Beauty”.

I need an agent (maybe a cow).


joaniemack said...

Great term, Analysis Paralysis! We've been going through that at work, since our franchise got bought out by a new company. Rules can change daily around here!! Make up your minds!

lisleman said...

It was a term I thought applied to often. Maybe someone should tell management that they are paid to make decisions but changing your decision every minute is not really a decision. thanks for sharing.

Kristina P. said...

I have heard the cow story. It makes me like hamburgers even more.

lisleman said...

I didn't have that reaction but I do enjoy a good hamburger. thanks

Bearmancartoons said...

So Decision Paralysis is not being able to make a decision. Analysis Paralysis is constantly making ever changing decisions?? Did I get that right?

lisleman said...

I don't know if there is an exact definition. Both of those terms seem to be about the same. The analysis paralysis term for me means constantly analyzing and collecting information and delaying the decision or final work. I have had that happen on term papers back in my school days. thanks

blueviolet said...

That's great that you keep coming up with so many ideas on what to blog about! I can't believe there's a cow alive who would be willing to go through that kind of training and jumping. Fascinating!

lisleman said...

Many ideas but I wonder if they are good ideas. Good to hear you liked the cow. thanks

Jene said...

That is absolutely crazy. The cow, I mean.

"Analysis Paralysis?" LOVE IT. That might be my new favorite phrase, ever. Can't wait to break it out at work someday soon - as a statistician, I'm sure it will go over well :)

lisleman said...

Yeah I think it applies to the corporate world very well. However, I was surprised (maybe you could calculate the odds) to see the same phrase used as a title over at Unknown Mami yesterday. If you are interested we exchanged some comments about the coincidence.

unknownmami said...

I obviously suffer from analysis paralysis quite often. A little bit Twilight Zone-y that that term was all over the place for me yesterday. Great minds, I guess.

lisleman said...

"The Twilight Zone" was great because it made you think and be scared. I was searching on it a little after that and noticed it is often said, "paralysis by analysis". I also found "extinct by instinct" which is the opposite. It's all about balance. thanks

secret agent woman said...

I did see that thing about the cow - pretty remarkable.

I often think about a post idea and then sometimes decide bot to follow-up on it.

lisleman said...

The idea then deciding against it probably happens to many of the blogger who try to write interesting stuff. I'm often surprised by what readers find interesting (at least appear to find interesting). There is probably a little luck to it too. So Doc, do you buy into any of this group think type of thing (not even sure what it's called)? Maybe blog communities have a group think thing going.

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