Sunday, April 10, 2011

a new name for an old thing

Every healthy baby starts out with one.

Wise old men and women still exercise it during their last days.

I consider it one of my best attributes.

To celebrate I decided to relaunch it with a brand new name:

Don’t worry, no need to run out and stand in line to get the latest one. You have it built-in already. Depending on your age and the path you have traveled to get here, you might have forgotten you have one. Maybe it has been buried by your daily life. Your I-imagination might need a new download or a refresh.

I-imaginations have created amazing things:
  • Art
  • Songs
  • Dance
  • Trips to the moon
  • Machines
  • Medicine
  • Robots
  • Cartoons
  • Stories
  • Movies
  • Youtube
  • My last parking ticket ( I am just imagining this ticket - right?)

Ok, I think you get the idea. The list could go on. The idea is the idea.

My blog gives me a chance to exercise and refresh my I-imagination. Other blogs and good comments provide it food.  I collected a few of my creations on my "Playing Around" page.

I took that orange picture (above) at a museum full of imagination during a trip years ago.  The place was the Tate Modern in London. The large hall there was just completely filled with orange light. Because of other imaginative people I was able to find a description of it on the internet. Here’s the link if you are interested.

Just walking to this palace of imagination gave me the experience of walking over a bridge showing engineering imagination.

What does your I-imagination run on?


Kristina P. said...

Would lots of pictures of The Hoff count?

lisleman said...

yes of course, imagination can be feed by anything. Of course you might want to check with your husband to see if he is worried about your Hoff obsession. Some days I can't get enough of "Over the Rainbow" and go looking for a yellow brick road.

Dwmatty said...

Imagination is behind most everything. Whether it's something tangible and concrete, how to do something, or just an idea. Some people have more of it than others. I would be on the less end of that.

lisleman said...

oh don't cut yourself short. I can't carry a tune except when I carry an I-pod.
Any blogger that puts up original stuff like you (also those pictures) is creating. Yeah we might not be winning any awards ( I'll give you worthless points) but we have fun and exercise our imaginations and brains and that is worthwhile my friend. thanks

antares cryptos said...

I need to rephrase that, I run on all the imagination around me. Probably why I "needed" a blog, almost every created thing, concept, idea inspires me. And bloggers like you who share all kinds of imaginative ideas. Thank you, lisleman.

Pseudo said...

Ah... if only I could spend more of my time in the creative spectrum. Imagination is my favorite.

Ocean Girl said...

Imagination if unchecked can be scary. As a Mom, I can't let my imagination run wild. At this stage in my life, I have stop my imagination, or maybe try to redirect it, but it would not be easy.

Lance said...

Considering my story I'm writing...Robots interest me a great deal.

That orange picture is really cool.

lisleman said...

You bring up a good point - the ideas typically grow better within a creative group. thanks for sharing.

lisleman said...

since some ideas come to me in the shower, I do need to limit time and the water bill. One important habit is to record the idea before it slips away. thanks

lisleman said...

I was not thinking about imaginative problems or worries but I certainly know "what if's" can overwhelm a person. Redirecting it to positive things sounds good to me. thanks

lisleman said...

thanks I used the picture once before on my ICB blog.

Bearmancartoons said...

Fritos and blogs

blueviolet said...

Mine is usually fueled by my kids or by books!

lisleman said...

You need that crunch and salty taste to create? Maybe you could get them to sponsor your blog. They do an interesting ad contest for the Superbowl.

lisleman said...

That's good fuel.

Barbara said...

Everything around me provides seeds of ideas to feed my imagination, but unless I get some time to help them grow roots and develop, they blow away. Happens way too often these days. Love that orange photo!!

lisleman said...

Thanks - I certainly have found that thinking of an idea is easier than implementing the idea. Not all ideas are big ideas. Small ideas like using that picture I took years ago on my blog are still enjoyable to develop.

Binky said...

Doing something different or going some place new is a great way to get some new inputs to stimulate your imagination. Looking at old things from a new perspective, both literally and figuratively, can also get your imagination going.

lisleman said...

You are right. Living in Wombania could help change the perspective. I enjoy the perspective you give to things. thanks.

secret agent woman said...

Too many influences to begin to count. Life.

lisleman said...

That's good because we don't need to count them just make use of them. Thanks

Dwmatty said...

Well thanks friend.

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