Sunday, April 17, 2011

got my cover on early

Since I already know my selection and there is available time today, I going ahead with my post for the Original Bean's music challenge.

This week (week 3 of her challenge/game) Jene is asking for best cover song.  I expect she will have her selection up on Monday.

I enjoy covers but I have discovered there are people who don't and will even say that cover singers ruin the original version.  My wife says that.  I find the opposite, I believe a cover has the possibility of improving the song.  Now any song I covered would be so bad that there would be a rush to cover me in rotten tomatoes or something, but I'm not a singer.

If you have read "A Few Clowns Short" for awhile, then you might recall that I'm a fan of Sheryl Crow.

I only need to decide between a cover by Eric Clapton or Sheryl.

It's not unusual to find people loving a cover song and not even know it's a cover.  That mostly happens with young people hearing a great song and not being old enough to remember the original.  I remember this song by Michael Jackson but it does go back to his Jackson 5 days, so it has been awhile.

Sheryl Crow (who was a backup singer for MJ once) does a wonderful energetic rendition of "I Want You Back".  In the following clip you also get to see some of her dance moves.


Cheeseboy said...

How have I never heard that version. I like it better too. Nice choice.

Ocean Girl said...

I like.

Jene said...

Wow, never knew that she was a backup singer (unless that was sarcasm that went over my head), or that she had ever covered the song! I LOVE this version!

lisleman said...

No sarcasm. I have heard her talk about touring with Michael Jackson in interviews. I think it was only for a short time. Two things I like about this cover - her voice and tone sounds like young MJ and her energy in this is amazing.

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