Tuesday, March 29, 2011

fun interaction

Not all blog readers are bloggers, but most of the comments I receive here are from fellow bloggers. I continue the interaction by commenting on their blogs. I find it a fun interaction.

But wait! There are interactions beyond comments. Trading links, guest posts, shout-outs, and playing along in the many blog games (some like to call them memes) add to the blog interaction digital fun.

Today, I tried yet another interaction. Do you know Pearl? (sounds more like a song title than question)

Pearl has a great blog called (not the most creative title IMHO) “Pearl, Why you little”. She writes one of the funniest blogs I know. Her dialog is great.

Because of her funny dialog, I thought using it for a script in creating a xtranormal clip would be perfect. I wrote to her about the idea and she accepted.

Maybe this will be a new way to interact with other bloggers.

Here’s a cartoon derived from a blog post of hers.

The link to the original post - link.


Jillsy Girl said...

she's a hoot! I just put her on my reader!

Stacy said...

That is hysterical! I love it! Now I'll have to go check out her blog - you're the best, you know that don't you? ;)

Dwmatty said...

I've seen Pearl around.

These animated stories are hilarious. I've seen them before.

lisleman said...

thanks - This one is my second one and the dialog came from Pearl. They are fun to do but tricky to make funny. I expect the xtranormal company will be added more and more sets of characters and sounds.

lisleman said...

thanks - She knew this was coming but I have not received her reaction yet. Well I try and enjoy trying new stuff. thanks

lisleman said...

She writes some funny stuff and posts almost everyday. thanks

Jene said...

It's amazing how a little bit of computer animation and some sound effects can turn a funny conversation into an internet phenomenon. Thanks for sharing Pearl with the rest of us!

lisleman said...

Don't get ahead yourself here. We will have to see if it will be the next internet phenomenon. The computer animation is fun and I'm figuring out the details of the features and controls. thanks Oh, you should do a running one about yourself.

Pearl said...

I love it. Thank you so much! I passed it on to Mary and had to listen to her watch it. She's added it to her FB page (as I did). :-)


p.s. And actually, I post EVERY DAY and have for 1,009 straight days. :-) Too bad it doesn't pay, huh?!

lisleman said...

wow who's counting? Yes I realized that you posted very very often but that's amazing. Over a 1000 days straight. Did you always have perfect attendance at school? Well it does not pay in cash but it is rewarding. For example interacting with you and getting feedback is very fun and rewarding. Wondering now - do you program in auto posting in advance so you can go on vacation or other RL activities?

Very good to hear you both enjoyed it. I was not sure how you might receive it. So did you find the characters a good fit? Cool that's it up on FB. Oh, the xtranormal help desk did get back to me and told me that their referral program had issues. thanks for the fun

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm a big Pearl fan and have been reading her almost since I first started blogging. This cartoon is a hoot!!!
Cheers, jj

lisleman said...

thanks - I bet she has more fans than she realizes.

antares cryptos said...

Hi lisleman, I think this is the first time I've come across an animated fellow blogger. Neat.
We seem to be viewing similar sites. ;)

lisleman said...

It's not unusual that bloggers run into (virtually) at other blogs. Actually I've discovered different little tid-bits about fellow bloggers that way.
thanks for sharing a comment.

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