Monday, March 07, 2011

fat tuesday

My Grandma was talking with your Grandma.

This song always makes me think of New Orleans.

Go ahead I dare you to listen to the whole list because you what's going to be stuck in your head.

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Sparkle Farkle said...

I gave each one of the versions a spin (<--Not a full one, mind, you, or I most definitely would be cuckoo by now! LOL!) and I still like The Dixie Cups best!

This was fun!

TechnoBabe said...

If your grandma was talking to my grandma it must have been in heaven.
Dixie Cups it is.

lisleman said...

you would be correct about that. You got me thinking. The lyrics say, "sitting by the fire". Are you allowed to have a fire in heaven? I know some fire nuts that would be in heaven if they could burn stuff all day.

lisleman said...

thanks - glad you liked it. You should record your own cover of it.

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