Wednesday, February 02, 2011

snow bird, snow cake, blizzard baby, snow fun

I'm sure you have heard about our blizzard. Maybe it's your blizzard too, really if you didn't get it you can have the next one.

Went to bed with 50+ mile-an-hour wind whipping snow all around. Honest - I had a dream that involved being at a big fancy resort.   I woke up and prepared myself before glancing out the window.

It was a white mess. My daughter wanted to take some pictures before I attacked the snow. She did and I'll share some below.

The first thing was to dig my way to the garage door. The snow drifted up on the door about 3 feet. After all that work, I went back in for some coffee. No rush, nobody is going anywhere soon.

Thank goodness a neighbor then let me borrow his snowblower to finish off the driveway. It helped but it still was tough going. We have a short driveway and typically the snow is not close to being this bad.

Here's a few pics. Also a link to an interesting and scary (I would nervous for sure) story.

snow bird (taken by daughter)

snow cake on the left side (taken by daughter)

snow-not-mobile (taken by SIL)

snow fun (taken by daugher)

Lastly this would be snow fun at all. Having a blizzard baby.

from a Chicago Tribune article:
Around midnight Tuesday, Julia and Andy Johnson lost power in their Logan Square home. Julia, 29, who was nine months pregnant, awoke with intense pains and immediately called her doctor. Uncertain that the pains were in fact contractions, the doctor told her to wait and see how it progressed.

By 2 a.m. this morning, Andy, 30, tried to dig out his car from 16 to 18 inches of snow. When he finally succeeded, he couldn’t get it to drive more than a few feet. He called his father and brother-in-law, but they couldn’t make it out. His brother, a Chicago firefighter, told him to call 911.

About 10 minutes later, a fire engine and ambulance arrived, but they couldn’t pull up to the building.

(BTW - do you know ...)


TechnoBabe said...

I really like the story of the new baby arriving at the time of the storm, big weigh in and red hair. My hubby is a red head. He was a carrot top growing up and didn't see other people with hair his color very often. Out here in Nebraska we see carrot tops all over. Anyway, it is great that this baby had the help from so many people in the storm.

BearmanCartoons said...

Hope you fed that bird.

lisleman said...

there was still a little bit of bird seed left but we need to get more seed.

lisleman said...

Yes it had a good ending but I sure would have been scared if I was one of the parents. thanks

californiagirl500 said...

I posted a rather amusing map of the weather in New England on my Empty Nest blog. We've received 16" in 24 hours.

secret agent woman said...

This blizzard passed us by, thank goodness. We have nothing more than flurries in the forecast over the next week.

I've always loved that song.

Kristin_The_Goat said...

I miss the snow but I do not miss the driving. I've really been enjoying all of the snow photos I've been seeing, but I love the snow cake description best!!
Babies just can't wait now can they LOL
Do you know the way to San Jose...lalalalalalalala

Jillsy Girl said...

Oh, that poor woman! Having to walk out in a blizzard while having contractions! What a story that child will be hearing for the rest of his/her life (I can't remember if it was a girl or boy without going back to the article). "Don't you talk to your mother that way, if you only knew what she had to go through to give birth to you. You should be ashamed of yourself!" Kid thinking "Oh, here we go again with the guilt trips". ;-)

Jene said...

Wow, that would be quite an experience. I couldn't even imagine. Good story for down the road, for sure, but that poor, poor woman. No drugs!

You definitely got a lot of snow. I'm kind of jealous, as the messy stuff passed about 15 miles north of us and I didn't get a snow day.

W.C. Camp said...

Are you sure you did not take these pictures up at the North Pole? Sounds like you handled all pretty well and everyone is safe. I am looking forward to that big orange ball in the sky to start making ice water out of all of this white stuff. Hang in there! W.C.C.

lisleman said...

thanks - yes everyone did fine and some neighbor kids even had fun in it.
As deep as it is I suspect it will be snowed on top of again. Then the problem becomes where to throw the snow.

lisleman said...

Well grab a shovel, drive up north and go door to door offering to shovel. I'm sure you'll find a taker. thanks

lisleman said...

You could be right. At least he/she (I forgot too) will always know the weather on the day they were born. I think DQ should give the kid free lifetime blizzards. thanks

dave hambidge said...

Currently it is 11C in our bit of britain and quite balmy.... run!!!!!!!

Lululabonne said...

OOOh snow baby - nightmare.

But gorgeous snaps, especially the red bird

redgirl said...

im way over the snow and rain i need to see the sun

lisleman said...

we need a little more than sun. We need sun and warmer temperatures. thanks for sharing a comment

lisleman said...

Ok how lame is it to leave a comment on your own blog? Well I'm doing it because I'm in a undisclosed location with limited access time and I recently received a blog type award. I plan to post about this award and this is quick way to mention it.
I'm very happy to been awarded Mrs. 4444's FF award - Favorite Fragmenter

Joanna Jenkins said...

I yiyi, a blizzard is a bad time to go into labor. Yikes.

It's hard to imagine a car is actually under all that snow. I hope you've dug out by now.

Cheers, jj

lisleman said...

Luckily that was not my car. I'm not sure if my SIL even knows who owns the car but it was in his neighborhood.

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