Thursday, February 24, 2011

never before released fragments

Mrs. 4444 once again is offering up her famous Friday Fragments.

Mommy's Idea

Since Mrs. 4444 has been swept into the craziness of recent Wisconsin politics, I was thinking of offering some jokes about how to find a Wisconsin Democrat but I don't have any. I heard they are hanging out in Illinois and they might be joined by Indiana Democrats. The Illinois hotel industry thanks WI and IN.


Final shuttle mission for Discovery.  Endeavour and Atlantis each have one more trip planned.  Did you watch the launch Thursday afternoon?  The power pouring out of those fiery engines is just amazing.  

I thought this was the mission that U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords husband would be commanding, but it’s not.  That mission is the next one.  The last flight of Endeavour.

On board this mission is Robonaut 2, a dexterous, humanoid astronaut helper.  The plan is for Robonaut 2 to become a permanent resident of the International Space Station.  This reminds me of “2001 A Space Odyssey”.

Can you name the two space shuttles that were lost in fiery tragedies?

Butt status - like a butt call but to Facebook instead.   At the beginning of the year a Chicago suburban women mistook a butt call that came from her husband as a hostage situation.  Before it was over a over 30 gun-toting officers converged on the building where he worked.  He wasn’t even there.  He was driving home unknowingly making butt calls.


My inbox had a notice about the upcoming Barkworld convention.  It’s focus is pet social media.  Now that’s a new phenomena, forming at the intersection of internet based social communities and rising interest in pets.  

Pet blogging - I think the writing still comes from the owners but who knows someone is probably working on wiring their dog to Facebook right now (I need to check if BarkFace is taken).

The Barkworld agenda includes an attorney leading a discussion on Pet Trusts.  I still have doubts and disagreements with others about a trust for humans.  A Pet Trust?  There are many animal adoption organizations that in my opinion should be able to solve this issue.  Maybe the big money to be made is as a Pet Attorney.
hair appointment -  In the last FF post I wrote about how men fail to notice changes too often.  I replied to one comment with:  
“I try to remember when my wife has a hair appointment because I need to greet her with "your hair looks good" or something like that. I know it will backfire someday when all she gets is a pedicure. (oh hmm ah yeah the hair on your toes ah no I mean wow that polish color is ...)”

Should we make mind appointments?


Heather said...

the space shuttles were Challenger - which I watched live, and Columbia

Thanks for visiting Acting Balanced today and love your frags!

My Own Brand of Crazy said...

Well, I'll cancel my trip to IL...too many politicians running around! As if Chicago doesn't have enough politicians without adding two additional states'.

You are really good if you can keep up with your wife's appointments AND comment! You deserve a prize!

Have a great weekend!

Brandi. said...

That Robonaut thing is a cool idea, but it's just creepy to me! Of course, real life robots are just creepy. :)

My husband still hasn't realized I colored my hair and that was almost 3 weeks ago... Of course, it's not a hugely dramatic change, I just covered up the blonde at the ends and put some subtle highlights in it.

Hope you have a great weekend!

lisleman said...

thanks for the visit here and the comment. So you were at the launch of Challenger's last fatal flight? That would be such a range of emotion in a short time. Did you ever post about it? I would be interesting to read about your experience.

lisleman said...

Clowns and Robots - now a clown robot could be the ultimate scary thing. I think robots are only scary because of Hollywood. Funny story about your hair which I'm sure is fabulous. Thanks

Jillsy Girl said...

Ha! Barkface ~ I love it!! Thanks for clearing up the shuttle confusion. I keep thinking each shuttle launch is the last one, but another comes up down the road.

Thisstopwilloughby said...

I didn't see any footage of the latest shuttle launch, I kind of forgot about it.

The Robonaut sounds pretty cool. I'd like to have a robohousekeeper and maybe a robolandscaper.

lisleman said...

From what I read, Atlantis will be the last and is planned for this summer. Also, for backup they will keep Endeavour ready in case an emergency arises during the Atlantis mission. I wonder who will be the astronaut that turns off the lights on the International Space Station someday.

QandleQueen said...

Butt dials are right up there with toddlers playing with the phone. Either one leaves the recipient lost between trying to yell for someone to hang up or listening in on some rather boring conversations. Yeah, I've done both.

dave hambidge said...

My butt speaks without the need for electrical gizmos.

lisleman said...

I should have thought of that line. You know if this happens to you someone might think you are stuck in tornado. thanks

Doreenmcgettigan said...

Challenger; which I watched with my then 5 year old and the other was Challenger? That one is a guess.
I am looking forward to your guest appearance next week...the suspense...

lisleman said...

Hmm maybe I should try to build some suspense. Never thought of that. I'm not real big on drama but some suspense is fun.

unknownmami said...

You should just greet her with a compliment every time you see her.

Mrs4444 said...

Pet attorney, huh? I'll put that on my list of potential new careers.

People complain about the money, money, money we greedy teachers earn, but I don't hear anyone complaining about the boom to Madison this week! (Don't you wish you owned a pizza joint in "Madtown?"

lisleman said...

thanks for the visit here and the comment. So you were at the launch of Challenger's last fatal flight? That would be such a range of emotion in a short time. Did you ever post about it? I would be interesting to read about your experience.

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