Monday, February 28, 2011

moms and sons

I have long believed that the opposite gender parent-child relationship is closer and more special than the same gender relationship. In reality, a parent-child relationship probably has more to do with individual personalities than anything else, but whatever that was not the case for me. Also it’s not the case for this post.

I was able to share thoughts and ideas with my mom that I could never even get a discussion started with my dad. I do miss both of my parents now.

it’s a duck not his mom

Recently three internet browsing finds brought this into focus. Hmm, well maybe a picture with a bit of sharp focus and a blurred background would be a better description.

First - Last week I watched a short fun clip of Mrs. 4444’s son jumping into freezing water. His mom not only supported him but went there, took a movie with an interview and posted it. (my mom didn’t have a blog or computer but I would like to think she would have blogged about me too ??)

I sense that Mrs. 4444 has a very special relationship with her son even when he is not jumping into ice cold water but they do live in Wisconsin so that might be a common event around their parts. You need a warm relationship in Wisconsin.

Check it out - if you are interested ---> Hey watch this! Mom

Second - Today I read another Mom-son story about thrift shopping. Suburb Sanity posted a great story. It reminded me how my mother was very thrifty which has been accredited to her surviving the Great Depression. I don’t remember any special shopping events together but I do recall her often tailoring my clothes for me. She always told me I looked good.

The posted thrift shopping story shows how much fun a 20 year old can have with his mom.

Check it out - if you are interested ---> Hey Mom look at this underwear

(BTW - I changed the titles because I couldn’t remember them while I was writing this, I don’t think they will mind.  But their titles were better.)

So, oh wait, I said three internet finds didn’t I. Oh yeah, the third one was very different (the blurred background part of this picture).

I was browsing youtube (c’mon admit it - you have) and I don’t recall why but I started watching and listening to Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention songs. The term song doesn’t fit too well. Weird ballads for sure.

If you are too young to remember the Mothers of Invention you missed out. Today it doesn’t have the same impact as it did on a young Catholic teen.

The lyrics were full of imagery such as:
“I'd like to make Her do a nasty
On the White House Lawn! “

And advice such as:
“Shine on your shoes and cut your hair”
“Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow”

One of their popular tunes was “Call Any Vegetable”. What’s a mom not to like with titles like that? I’m sure my mother never heard the songs. I failed to invite her to listen to my albums which may have been a good thing.

If anyone is looking for some band names I have a few to offer. I do believe using the word “mother” or “mothers” in the name really helps sales. What do you think of:
  • mothers of prevention
  • mothers of recollection
  • mothers of detention
If any of you mothers start a band let me know. I’ll be glad to promote it.


blueviolet said...

I don't remember that band at all, but those lyrics are ridiculous!

I do think Mrs. 4444 has a great relationship with her son!

lisleman said...

Well youngster let me tell you about the rock and roll underground. Ever hear of FM? Why I remember dark nights staying up late trying to tune-in an underground FM station. We had to turn knobs back then no fancy push button radios. A good FM station would play whole album sides NON-stop. What you don't even own a radio anymore?
Well drop my roach and burn the shag carpet!
You need some rock and roll education.

BearmanCartoons said...

No way I would be jumping in that water unless there was a hot sauna, warm body and a cold beer waiting on the other side.

lisleman said...

Agree - I would rather have some warm whiskey drink though.

californiagirl500 said...

Thanks for the link to the post by Mrs 4444 as it really struck me too. I commented to her & said "Lisleman sent me".

lisleman said...

That's doubly great - one you liked the link and two you told everyone I sent you. Thanks. Well I waiting for her to stop by. I know she has a busy life and often wonder how she manages to blog at all. Well if we keep talking about her over here he will start ringing or is it burning?

Doreenmcgettigan said...

I have a great relationship with my 3 grown daughters; they are my best friends but my son and my stepson; yes they come to me with the really important stuff:)

dbs said...

Hey. I brought you back up to 80.

lisleman said...

alright thank you - I'll stop over to your blog and be to follow. thanks

lisleman said...

thanks - I got your email so I will announce the guest post in a few minutes.

secret agent woman said...

I'm closer to my mother than my father in terms of the kinds of things I will tell her. I think my sons are little closer to me than their Dad in that regard. Not sure if it holds true for parent-child relationships but the research on emotional intimacy in friendships, two women have the most intimate relationship, two men the least and a woman and man somewhere in between.

lisleman said...

thanks for research perspective - My non-research thinking tells me it depends mostly on the individual personalities along with likes and dislikes. I think we both agree that women are more involved with emotions than men.

Mrs4444 said...

You are as sweet as you are funny, Lisleman. This post warmed my heart. Thank you.

Kyle is actually very close with his dad, incredibly close. That said, I practically had to drag his dad's butt to the event (but once he got there, we was fine; it was actually a lot like dragging him down the wedding aisle, come to think of it.) I'm 100% certain that Mr.4444 will be Kyle's best man one day (Mr.4444's dad was his best man, too, for what that's worth.)

And that caption after the first pic made me LOL (as usual).

lisleman said...

glad you made it over here. Good to hear the relationships are good all around. My dad and I were certainly at odds very often. "Best man", "Wedding aisle" are you women just constantly thinking of weddings or is Kyle real serious about someone?

Also thanks for post inspiration.

debbie_suburbsanity said...

When I freak out about the music my kids listen to, I am reminded that I used to listen to some quite questionable things myself. And still, I grew up fairly normal:)
Thanks for the shout out!

Pat said...

Oh! Now I see why you asked me if I needed a name for a band. Actually, I am not a mother, but a stepmother — to four. How about The Stepmothers From Hell?
And since I can play an instrument or sing very well, I can't be in the band.

lisleman said...

thanks for post inspiration - yes we had some odd lyrics full of sex references but most of us did OK. BTW - good to see you could leave a comment I've been having issues with DISQUS today.

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