Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blog Forrest Blog

Do you remember “Forrest Gump” and how he loved to run?

One morning on a whim, Forrest ran to the end of the road,
then across town,
across the state,
across the country.

One morning I started blogging about the work shutdown our group was suffering through,
then I blogged about my memories,
I connected to other bloggers,
started to get followers of my blog.

The media wanted to know why he was running. Forrest tells them, “I just felt like running.”

Blogging might be like that. Blog and blog, just like Forrest you turn around and find followers.

I just feel like blogging.

In the movie, while running in what looks like Utah to me, Forrest stops, slowly turns around and says to his followers:
“I'm pretty tired... I think I'll go home now.”

Right there in the middle of another daily run he just quits. I have followed a few bloggers that just ended it like that.  As you are following along reading their regular posts, one day you read the good-bye I’m tired of blogging post.

BTW Did you know Louis Michael Figueroa, in 1982 at the age of 16, ran and walked across the country from New Jersey to San Francisco in 60 days?

Do you blog like Forrest Gump?


oceangirl415 said...

Wow this is perfect synonymous relations. I guess we all blog like Forest, or at least, I do. For a moment there I was worried you were saying that you are tired of blogging and wanting to stop. I hope not, or at least, not yet;)

frau said...

I hate when bloggers do that.....not sure why I feel like I'm owed a explanation but you connect with people and than like that they are gone. I blog like Forrest....some reason I want chocolate now!

lisleman said...

no I'm not stopping but a couple of recent events has changed my routine. I'm glad you started again at your blog.

lisleman said...

Real life certainly can cut into a blogger's time and change thing. We all like to kept in the loop of what's going on.

Sparkle Farkle said...

Cool insight! And lest we forget the biggest blogging perk: no sweating.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Luv-hugs and smoochies,

BearmanCartoons said...

I thought you were talking about Lou Ferrigno at first

TechnoBabe said...

There have been some blogs that I really liked that just said no more. The first few times that happened, it left me feeling yucky and hoping they changed their mind about blogging. But they did not return. It is possible they started up a new blog and didn't let us goofy followers know so they could start fresh. Whatever the reason, I know people don't like to blog as if it is the main part of life. I always say that blogging for me is fun, it is in addition to my real life.
Since I would not want to be out running, I don't know if I blog like Forest ran or not. Probably not.

Emily said...

I guess I do. Another good motivation for keeping on blogging was that I spent like $400 to have my blog created! It's a little like buying a gym membership, you paid for it and you will go, at least I would.

Being disabled and mostly homebound, blogging makes me feel connected to the outside world. I think it's therapeutic for both my readers and me. I have a mission statement for my blog and I remind myself of that and I just keep going.

I usually do about 3-4 posts a week.

lisleman said...

I'm not believing you on that one. Unless you know the guy. thanks

lisleman said...

I'm sure I've been to your blog before but I don't think I paid that much attention to your situation. That seems like too much money for a blog setup in my opinion but given you situation maybe it was more than worth it. Blogging is sharing and connecting (and a fair amount of time) with the world. It should be fun. thanks for sharing over here.

secret agent woman said...

I blog for a variety of reasons. Connection, journaling, an outlet. But when I do feel the need for a break it's just a break and I always say that and that I will return. I suppose one day I'll stop? Hard to say.

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Jene said...

I think I blog like Forrest, only because I couldn't care less about the number of followers I have. I blog to blog, because I like to hear myself "talk."

lisleman said...

I understand that but I must say that when I started getting comments from followers (took more than a year), it really did add another dimension to the blogging. It offered a connection and recognition feeling. So I have blogged without followers and would still but they do add enjoyment to it. Thanks for sharing with your comment.

LizC, Eternal Lizdom said...

I have to admit that I hate it when a blog just stops, out of the blue, with no potential for a "happily ever after." I hope I don't end up doing that to my readers. When the time comes that I'm done, I hope I find a good way to build into it. Maybe bloggers should blog a letter of resignation, giving their 2 week notice, so that the community has a chance to prepare and find a substitute.

lisleman said...

Wow what a great idea - "letter of resignation for blogging" - I could write those. Do you think any blogger would be willing to paid for one?
One thing that does cross my mind with an abrupt end - did something tragic happen to the blogger?

unknownmami said...

I'm pretty tired, but I'm gonna keep on blogging.

lisleman said...

I'm glad to hear that because we would miss your sense of humor.

Jene said...

Very true. There is something exciting about getting that kind of feedback. Although, I still find it funny that so many people are interested in reading my rambling thoughts on the interwebs.

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