Monday, January 31, 2011

hey want some snow

Yeah I didn’t think so.

From the Chicago Tribune:
“...the Chicago area is now braced for what weather prognosticators say could be a "dangerous, multifaceted and potentially life-threatening" blast of wind and snow, a storm the likes of which the region hasn't seen in more than a decade.”
"It is set up about as well as any winter storm that I have seen," Skilling said. "Every numerical and computer model we work with is on to this storm."

( Tribune archive photo ) 
LSD 1967
The all-time Chicago record snowfall was set in 1967. Over the course of 35 hours, 23 inches of snow fell on Chicago, clogging streets, shuttering businesses and paralyzing the city for days. Roofs collapsed. Hundreds of stalled vehicles sat helpless in the streets. Dozens died.

Mr. Skilling (brother of the Enron Skilling) is a highly respected meteorologist.

Last year my daughter asked if I would like join her and her future husband (now husband) at a Tom Skilling weather conference one Saturday.  I was not too worried about getting to the event early.  I was wrong.

It took longer than expected to park because of the crowd.  When we finally got inside, the main auditorium was overfilled and we had to go into another big room and watch it on closed circuit TV.  I still ended up sitting in the aisle.

I never thought a meteorologist could be a celebrity.  I did get to watch some amazing tornado footage.
We will have more snow than anyone here wants so come on down and pick some up.  Of course, you’ll probably get stuck trying to get here.


TechnoBabe said...

Does it seem like the weather is heading more and more to extremes around the world? There are still people who believe this is just a natural phase. We shall see. I hope you and your family are safe through the storm. Keep us posted.

Jene said...

No thanks, we've got plenty of ice. I can't decide which is worse.

Funny how someone can attain celebrity status just by guessing at things. Wonder if I could get away with that in my job when someone asks me a question?

"Will the program be effective at reducing the number of kids doing drugs?"
"Hmm, maybe it will, maybe it won't."

joaniemack said...

I have enough snow of my own right here, but thanks for the offer! Want some ice to go with that snow?

Sexdrugsandbaconsandwiches said...

I haven't seen snow for over three years - You kinda miss it when you don't have it... I hope that all is well for you all.

lisleman said...

thanks - Yes it does seem that way. But one thing I must remind myself of is our very connected world we live in today offers reports of weather events around the world in a way that was never done in the past. I do believe the globe is warming but I think the source is unclear.

lisleman said...

Actually there are many jobs involved in guessing - marketing, economists, stock traders, poll takers.
The weather guessing has improved greatly in recent years. Hey you're a blog celebrity - right?

lisleman said...

While not practical it would be great if we could ship the snow/water to places that need it. We could trade it for a little heat which I know you have plenty.

blueviolet said...

Believe it or not, I'm jealous. It's sunny and warm here, and all I want is your snow!

lisleman said...

Boy do I wish I could give it to you. San Francisco - wear a flower in your hair
Chicago - be sure to pack a shovel

Eternal Lizdom said...

We're braving round 2 of sleet and freezing rain here in Indy. No fun but I'm very happy to be inside and warm and safe!!

LizC, Eternal Lizdom said...

Whoohoo! My comment posted! It's been ages since I could comment!!

lisleman said...

did you do something different to get it to work?

secret agent woman said...

For me it would be come on UP - bit no thanks!

lisleman said...

I didn't expect any takers from any direction. I was just looking at a national weather map and this storm stretched from OK to MA. It is still roaring outside right now.

lisleman said...

I stole these from FB snow-it-alls -
Snow-gantua? Snow-zilla? Snow-licious? Snow-likee? Snow-locaust? Snow-me-state? Snowtopia? Snowtasia? Snow-pocalypse?

Jene said...

I know it, I'm a statistician :)

I just don't try to pretend that I know what's going to happen for sure, unlike the weather peeps around here who swear that we're going to see a full inch of ice by morning and that everyone needs to stock up on milk and bread (or vodka and chocolate) and begin their hibernation. When you go to bed with that thought in mind and then wake up to nothing, it's a little disappointing.

Jene said...

Snowpocalypse is my personal favorite. You missed out on Snowmageddon.

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