Sunday, January 09, 2011

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(another post that is not my normal “lighten up” type post. If you think you have life figured out then you’re a fool. The events this weekend have stirred too much emotion not write something.)

The Arizona violence this past weekend - I don’t know what to write. The shock of it fills me with so many emotions and questions. Why?

Columbine, Virgina Tech, and Oklahoma City come to mind because of the innocent that perish in Tucson on Saturday.

I avoid political issues on this blog. It would be great if we could discuss political issues in a peaceful thoughtful respecting way. It doesn’t seem to happen. It’s not clear if politics where involved. I suspect they played a role but I’m not writing this to argue about it. Our American society is losing respect for fellow members. Even if you disagree with a person’s views you must still respect that person as a fellow human.

Anger - do we even need this emotion any more?

Technobabe’s post today prompted me to share my thoughts. Here’s part of comment I shared on Technobabe’s post titled “Will There Ever Really Be Peace?”.

“...Thanks. Peace everywhere all the time - probably not possible. Peace can be local and if more enjoy it then they'll know how good it feels... “

Is that the problem? Are there people who never experience peace or have forgotten what peace they may have had once?

Nine year old Christina-Taylor Green had her dreams taken away in this tradegy. Are you parents? I’m very sure Christina’s killer was not. Both of them made a trip to see a congresswoman. But for vastly different reasons. One was respect and interest. The other was hate and destruction.

I believe most people are good and loving. I know others see things differently than me and that’s good. Good for me and good for society. Nobody has all the answers but a few do take time to express wisdom. One source of wisdom for me is the Chicago Tribune newspaper columnist, Mary Schmich. Here’s a link for more on her. She hasn’t written anything about this tragedy yet but I suspect she will.

I’ve enjoyed reading her columns for years. One favorite is her famous “Wear Sunscreen” that was put to song.

Here’s a few advice tips from the “Wear Sunscreen”
  • Don't be reckless with other people's hearts. Don't put up with people who are reckless with yours.
  • Get to know your parents. You never know when they'll be gone for good. Be nice to your siblings. They're your best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future.
  • Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle, because the older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young.
  • Respect your elders.

There is more advice in this address to a graduating class but I wonder if enough people listen and hear advice like this.

More recently Mary wrote about the loss of her mother. I’ve kept the following quote from one of those columns.
“What feels like manure often turns out to be fertilizer.” - Mary Schmich
I struggle to think of any growing type fertilizer coming from this Tucson tragedy. But hopefully because of it some hot heads will show some respect for the other side. Could people think before shouting violent ideas? I believe people listen to a song more than a scream.

I don’t have any sure answers or solutions for the spread of mean hateful talk but I don’t find any benefit in it for anyone.

I’ll just end with one last thought and request. You parents and other adults that interact with children, please be an example of respect and tolerance of others. Do it for the memory of Christina-Taylor Green.


Kristina P. said...

Well said. It's so sad.

savannah said...

I've been at a loss for words since Saturday about how to focus what I was thinking and feeling about the events that occurred. You've done it far better than I could have done. This was a perfect tribute for a little girl who just wanted to see democracy in action.

Thank you, sugar. xoxoxo

unknownmami said...

This post brought me to tears.

I'm glad you took the time to express yourself on this subject.

OneStonedCrow said...

This barbaric incident has shocked the whole world - personally, I think the hate speech spewing from the mouths of politicians does play a role ... how do these people get elected in the first place and does it say something about the people who elect them?

Sadly, there are some politicians like this in my country too - and many others I suspect.

Ocean Girl said...

I am glad you wrote about it. We do have to allocate effort and words for things that matter. Things that matter more. I pray for acceptance and patience for the family of the victims.

TechnoBabe said...

Like you, lisleman, it is difficult to say anything positive about the Arizona shootings. When I hear some people say it is such a tragedy, I need to speak up and say it was not just a tragedy. It was a deliberate, planned mass murder. Because of his young age, I think it is likely that the shooter was living with parents who are of the same mindset as their son, and in fact, have been raising their son by example to hate and believe in violence. Also, like you, lisleman, I do not write on my blog about politics very often, but the backlash of this killing tirade is making it necessary for more of us to speak up. I am able to speak my mind without slinging more hate. It is so hurtful to read things as a comment left on Sarah Palin's Facebook page. The commenter speaks of the nine year old girl who was shot and killed in Arizona. A nine year old little girl! "It's okay. Christina Taylor Green was probably going to end up a left wing bleeding heart liberal anyway. Hey, as they say, what would you do if you had the chance to kill Hitler as a kid. Exactly." It shows me what lies between the big smiles on Sarah Palin's face that she has left these types of comments up but has removed any and all comments that say anything negative about her or her actions. These are the people that some Americans want to lead this country? What has happened to us?

BLOGitse said...

Good post.
Why do we have so many depressed people on this planet?
I think we are lonelier than ever even if we have 'everything'.
No material stuff can heal our lonely hearts.
(just talking about this on my blog)

lisleman said...

Thanks everyone for the respectful comments so far. I knew the followers of this blog would show respect and decency in their comments. Your reactions here give me hope and hope is a great thing.

Charlie Callahan said...

Tonight, there is a big college football game here in the Phoenix area. The hype for it is sharing the front page of the newspaper with the Tucson massacre, making them equally newsworthy. I suspect there will be a hypocritical "moment of silence" before the game (non-televised because that would be political); hypocritical because the fans will spend the next three hours screaming at their team to "kill" and "maim" the other one.

Christina-Taylor Green was one of six civilians murdered on Saturday. To be PC, I should say she and the others were collateral damage (CD): they were in the way of the main target, and CD takes the sting and humanity out of the word muder.

Humanity and politics have gone the way of us-versus-them. I put a lot of the blame on Fox News and their always-skewed-to-the-right "facts"; hate radio and publishing, to include Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and more crawling out of the sewers every day; and to all of the politicians and nutcakes (Palin) who give the former grist for their mill. The US has never been so divided, and it appears to me that we are learning Iraqi-type democracy: guns and religion.

And to Christina I say, "I'm so sorry, little one. You were innocent, both in heart and mind, and innocent you will stay for all time."

Bearmancartoons said...

"Don't be reckless with other people's hearts. Don't put up with people who are reckless with yours." Says it all.

Marlaahansen said...

Such a sad day for our nation and our world. When will we learn?

Emily said...

It is indeed a tragedy. The shooter gave people so many warning signs, but no one helped him and no one did anything to stop him, least of all his parents. I'm not saying I'm on his side AT ALL. I wish guns were not so accessible to someone as disturbed as he was. He was turned away at one Walmart when he went in to buy bullets, b/c he didn't look "right" but he was sold bullets at the next one he went to.

Wishing those killed, injured, and their families prayers and strength, and wishing that there could have been a different outcome for this extremely mentally ill man and those whose lives he destroyed.

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