Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey fragments

Friday Fragment (FF) time again.

Mommy's Idea

Thanks Mrs. 4444. When Mrs. 4444 does sudoku I bet she solves the 4’s first.

I failed to post one last week. I guess Mrs. 4444 will be dropping me down a grade. Because many blog readers have better things to do in the real world, I suspect the number visit today will be low. Of course, if you sitting around watching youtube clips with your family and friends please check out my collection of videos.

So has this internet age event happened at any of your family gatherings? What event? 

Someone (yes I’ve been the one before but so has other family members) is just dying to share some youtube clip. Then the family is gathering around the laptop to watch some drunk college kid trip while trying to get his flip flops back on. Maybe it’s the 21 century version of gathering around the radio to listen to some radio show. Didn’t Norman Rockwell paint something like that?

Do blog posts have freshness dates on them? Milk, bread, eggs and such should have a freshness date but a good post telling a great story could last forever. I’ve recycled some old posts and I have read older posts on a favorite blog before too. Often I read something that I would have missed if the blogger didn’t repost it.

Every so often I do a search on “lisleman” just for fun. The last one resulted in the following headline:
Hot tub hijinks land Lisle man in hot water

It wasn’t me, but some drunk naked 30 year old Lisle man (backyard hot tubs were not around when I was 30 thank goodness) was fished out of a couple’s backyard hot tub by police. He was nice enough (or dumb enough?) to knock on their window before stripping and jumping in the tub. Don’t all hot tubs look alike?

Recently, Bearman (not related to Lisleman) over at Bearman cartoons has been creating cartoons based with the TSA pat down and full body scanner news. While we need to be safe and the scanner thing doesn’t bother me much, it does remind me of the “shrinkage” episode of Seinfeld.

While enjoying Bearman’s TSA theme cartoon an idea popped in my head. I truly don’t understand where some of these odd things come from but as a reader of my blog you get to read about them. Aren’t you special? Yes you are.

Lisleman’s idea to solve the TSA pat down problem -
TSA should offer a optional massage area for all passengers. You would lay down on a massage table get a quick refreshing 3-5 minute massage and of course at the same time they would spot any odd packages taped to your body. Passengers would get screened and refreshed at the same time. Some nice jazz playing in the background would make it even better.

Here's George from Seinfeld:


Mrs4444 said...

Looks like it's just you and me here tonight (so far) :)

At our house tonight, the kids played with their gadgets. Caden played virtual checkers with my mom on an iPad, and she got to meet "Talking Tom," which she loved, of course.

Oh, don't worry--You always make me laugh, so the "extra credit" has given you plenty of extra points to bank on.

As for the Soduko, I find it too frustrating!!! Ugh.

Hope your Turkey Day was wonderful :)

TechnoBabe said...

Yo lisleman, how was your Thanksgiving? Did you eat too much? Hubby and I did not overeat this year. We fried chicken and we called it the cousin to the turkey. We made green bean casserole like his mom used to make. Mashed potatoes and some sweet potatoes. We have leftovers for today. It was 20F this morning, warmer than predicted, but we won't be going out for a walk today. I don't like to breathe very cold air. I hope your Thanksgiving was truly awesome.

Bearmancartoons said...

I still think you are right that the massage idea is perfect. Your wife must not appreciate the stresses of travel...hehe

Dwmatty said...

Once a year I might re-post a funny poem because of the new readers. Hope your Thanksgiving was great. Did you overeat like I did?

I saw that shrinkage one. A classic.

Doreenb8 said...

So funny! My grand kids are addicted to u-tube they love the baby videos and we do all gather is funny!
I hope you had a great Holiday!

lisleman said...

thanks everyone for stopping by. Yes our Thanksgiving was happy and fun but honestly I do think the hours of prep leading up the arrival of guests is a little stressful. Not that I'm completely involved in the prep but I can't help but get involved in the "food prep discussions". Thank God we weren't planning a moon launch or anything more complicated.

Sandra said...

I love how you managed to insert "google" logo three times in this post!
I like your idea for solving the TSA problems...I have a kink in my back, I think I'll go to the airport...

lisleman said...

love the google doodle and they make great dividers.
I would not suggest asking the TSA for a back rub.

californiagirl500 said...

I never got past your collection of videos.

Charlie Callahan said...

My ninety-year-old mother-in-law got the full pat down at the Twin Cities airport. Her granddaughter watched in horror, until she noticed the look on Granny's face.

"I think Gramma liked it!" she exclaimed.

lisleman said...

I guess she would never admitted it but they do given close attention.

Bearmancartoons said...

Look what I found just for you

lisleman said...

thanks that fits my imagination perfectly.

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