Wednesday, November 03, 2010

slumber party invite

Maybe you’ll get a little break now from hearing about the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the Tea Party and the Rent is too damn high party (Ok I didn’t get any calls from them but if you are interested check this post)

But how about the slumber party?

Remember them?

Slumber parties are certainly a girl thing but having daughters provided me some first hand slumber party experiences. Most of my thoughts on the subject centers around sound proofing techniques.

Silly is a key part of a good slumber party. Silly dancing adds fun to any slumber party. One of our adult daughters has continued this silly theme with a weekly dance event she runs with another silly friend. There now is a third partner. They called themselves den mothers.

They have been doing this for a few years now. I posted about it last year too.

Their Dance Dance Party Party events recently received some local TV coverage. One of the best explanations of what it is all about was relating it to the silly slumber party dancing that you may have enjoyed as a kid. They offer you an event to get your silly slumber party moves going again as an adult. No rules, no men, max dance absurdity. It’s only $5 and women only.

Here’s a link to their “DDPP” blog.
So ladies if it’s been too long since you shimmied and shook till you needed slumber consider visiting a Dance Dance Party Party event.


Jillsy said...

Cool! Which one is your daughter?

savannah said...

very, very cool! sadly, if we tried that here, it would turn into regimented line dancing and an extremely competitive evening! xox

Bearmancartoons said...

I'm betting it is Jenn.

TechnoBabe said...

Pretty good idea. I think the price should be higher per person. Good for your girls to be entrepreuneurs.

lisleman said...

bearman your detective work (followed the link) and your logic (both girls named Jenn) are amazing. Your bet would paid but the odds would be infinitely low.
thanks checking all this out.

lisleman said...

the first picture on this post. She is wearing a wig but her hair is blonde.

lisleman said...

this is just a sideline fun thing for them but I tend to agree that the price could be higher. They just want to cover their cost which is the rental of the room. If they started to make it more into a biz two things would happen. One it would get more complicated. Two it would not be as much fun.

debbie_suburbsanity said...

That is so fun! And also, that is the only party I think I can support!

secret agent woman said...

What I remember about slumber parties is that someone would always get mad at someone else. Don't miss those, but sure miss going out dancing with friends to clubs during college.

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