Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shopping Games 2010

I don’t want to play or even watch these games. I’m talking about the world of competitive, aggressive shopping formerly known as the holiday season. Watch out, the start of the shopping season has opened. Warning signs should be posted at the malls.

These games can be expensive and stressful. Why do so many play them?

Just as hunters track down deer and elk, determined shoppers hunt down bargains on prized items. And just like the game hunters, you don’t want to get too close because you might get hurt.

Just look at some of the events:
  • Doorbusters
  • Midnight madness
  • Black Friday
  • Shop til you drop

These shopping contestants are proud of themselves for no reason whatsoever.

(Photo by Joshua Trujillo / PI)

Do they earn extra points on their credit scores?

Well now that I gave my PSA/warning announcement on the shopping season, let’s discuss something that should be very simple.


You know the stuff made by combining a surfactant, most often sodium lauryl sulfate and/or sodium laureth sulfate with a co-surfactant, most often cocamidopropyl betaine in water to form a thick, viscous liquid. Other essential ingredients include salt (sodium chloride), which is used to adjust the viscosity, a preservative and fragrance.

The very good wikipedia page on this stuff will tell you that daily shampoo use was not prevalent until the 1970’s.

I needed some for the dead tissues hanging off my head. Did you know your hair is dead tissue? So you don’t need to give it vitamins. There’s a great scene in the movie “Proof” on this topic.

So I travel over to that French sounding place, Target, and find the shampoo aisle.

This Target recently added the grocery store part to the store so that might explain why I felt like I was at a fruit stand as I tried to make a simple shampoo selection.

I’ve enjoyed eating pomegranates but I never had to desire to smear them in my hair. Of course, there was strawberry and I have even tried that one before. But deciding between, coconut, green apple, rosemary mint, almond, black raspberry, white tea, tangerine, and wild cherry, made me really hungry. Do the shampoo companies get kickbacks from fruit growers?

Clarifying - hmm this is a FAIL because it’s not clear to me what it means or what it is clarifying. It's not clarifying me.  Why the confusing descriptions?

Oh wondering what I selected to soak-up my hair? Green apple - want to smell?

It has the “crisp scent of orchard-grown apples”. I don’t know how they do it because I would think it would smell like old rotting fruit which given that your hair is dead might be a good choice.

What’s your opinion? Just don’t ask me about wasted money on conditioners.


californiagirl500 said...

speaking of Target and aggressive shopping, they have a commercial promoting a 4am shopping start to Black Friday. does that make you feel better?

lisleman said...

no not at all but I will not be there so I wish those crazy shopping luck.

KristinaP said...

I recently learned from the drug addict kids I work with, that they would have to ban certain shampoos from residential treatment because some of them contained alcohol, and the kids would drink them. THEY WOULD DRINK SHAMPOO!!

lisleman said...

that is very sad. I was checking out some things about meth labs awhile back and could not believe the toxic chemicals used in that crap. Beside the meth zombies that come from meth labs they also create a toxic waste dump where ever they are.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I'm going to stay home and point and laugh (virtually) at those who are subjecting themselves to Black Friday shopping. ;)

Who knew shampoo choices could be so complicated? And ewwwwww! at Kristina P.'s comment! :)

lisleman said...

I think it's smart not to subject yourself to every marketing gimmick they throw at you. Complicated choices - I assume you shampoo you hair and you had to resupply. Do you just always know which one you'll be buying? I didn't expect it to be so complicated either and it probably isn't for many.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Ummmm....this is the same shampooo I buy to wash my horses with, it makes them smell good too.

lisleman said...

that's interesting - a horse? Wow you must go through the shampoo very quickly.

secret agent woman said...

I don't mind shopping, but I won't participate in any of those combative shopping experiences. There's nothing I need or want that badly.

Marlaahansen said...

I try not to leave my house between October 25th and January 5th. As for the shampoo, excellent fruity selection.

TechnoBabe said...

With my allergies I prefer unscented products if at all possible. I do however like the smell of coconut but only on other peoples hair. Funny huh? Who woulda thought coconuts would be a good smell. Ha.

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